K & N replacement for stock air filter

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Jun 13, 2003
Omaha Nebraska
Doing a tune up on the beast. Was thinking about replacing the stock air filter with K & N. Anyone provide their .02 on doing this?


Oh, if this was an old thread send me the link. I did attempt a search before posting this ;)
Tank, I believe the K&N is generally recommended for service other than in dusty and sandy areas. K&N's breath better because they are more porous (cotton gauze), but that also allows more harmful particles through the filter and into the engine.

Wayne S
I get about 40 more HP and around 33 mpg!
Seriously, havent noticed a big difference.
I got the Toyota TRD filter for my 80 as I've heard the same thing about K&Ns letting in too much. Who knows, but having something Toyota on my Toyota makes me feel better.
i've got a k&n on mine. Haven't noticed any performance gains, but at least i can just clean the filter when it needs it and not have to buy a new one. So in the long run i'de say it's worth it.
I got K&N on my 97LC. Gas mileage gain? No. HP gain? Cannot notice. Louder air intake sound? Hell ya! Throttle response improvement? A Little.
Haven't noticed anything extreme, but every little bit helps. ;)
No K&N here. Had one for about a month once, when I was talked into it. No thanks.

Waste of money and possibly more.
no noticable change.
Like spark plugs, you will feel an improvement when you put a new one in. I don't believe the hype about K & N filters giving a performance improvement over a new paper filter. I do have one though and it has paid off for itself by cleaning and reusing. Make sure you don't use too much of the oil!

For added air flow, take off the plastic piece that goes into the fender well. Cut the plastic to allow more air in through the larger opening and replace. You will also hear more aggressive air flow and still have the "cold" air intake.
I didnt notice anything either, but I think its basically due to the type of application. I did install a k&n in my dad's LHS and that did make a noticable diffrence. Id say about 15hp in that application, but in a LC, i think you'd probably only get about 5 hp. Probably helps a little bit with highway travel, but other then that i dont know if its really worth the money.
Have a K&N in my old 4Runner ... throttle response confirmed .

hehe ... Junk is sooo interested in babying his what ? 4th engine ??! :flipoff2:

Me ? I just wrap toilet paper about a chicken wire frame and soak 'er down with Pam™ . Works good , but now when I idle in traffic I smell like the can in a Chinese restaurant :p :p

I HAD a K&N. No noticeable difference in any way when my mom put a cheap Toyota one in about 2k miles ago......
I have a K&N a TRD and OEM paper units.

Beween the TRD and K&N, I prefer the TRD. It has a larger OD like the OEM paper element and it appears to have more surface area than the K&N. I have found that the oiled filters provide a bit crisper throttle response. It also seems that the boost comes up a tiny bit quicker (subjective observation). In dusty conditions I prefer the OEM paper element.

Do be cautious when using oiled filters on vehicles with heated-wire air flow sensors such as the 95 up 80 series and Tacoma/4Runner. An agressivly oiled filter will foul and possibly ruin the sensor. I have seen several vehicles with airflow sensor issues caused by oiled air filters such as K&N.
Naturally any warranty coverage is nul because of the filter in use....

:cheers: D-
Thanks everyone for the replies! Well, tune up is done and after several #6's we have decided (drum roll please)...........FRAM IT IS! :flipoff2: :p OEM it is for now. Decided until I put a snorkel on, I'll wait on the TRD/K&N. ;) Thanks everyone for their imput.

Cheers :cheers:

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I have KN cleaning and oil. Can I use it on the TRD filter?

Why not, it works on Junks momma! :flipoff2:

(sorry Junk, just had too)
Merry Christmas! :cheers:
I agree with Dan on the oiled filter ruining the sensor. I had K&N put in on my wife's Discovery and it totally ruined the MAS we had to replace it and it was $700!!

Is TRD also oiled filter? Do you carry one?
TRD is like the KN one. It is oiled.
I just wounder if the KN oil will work or is the TRD filter oil is difference???

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