just scored a TH-350, NP203 14 Bolt and 10 Bolt.......will it fit?

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Jan 30, 2002
like the title says, i bought a 79 chevy truck with a turbo 350 tranny, np203 case, 14 bolt rear Full floater, and 10 bolt front with 8 lug outers. now, when i pulled the tranny/t-case combo out today, it looked pretty long....im talking 43 inches from bellhousing to tailshaft!
I would like to put it in my 78 fj-40, but i am concerned about rear driveshaft length. i know i can flip the springs for another 3.5 inches...but will it be enough?
i really want to bolt the whole assembly on when i install the 350, just for ease of install (lack of adapters). I plan to narrow the axles too, in case you're wondering.

so, what i am getting at is...will it work? does anybody have this setup? i would really appreciate any input!

Ummm, you would be better off getting the 203/stock LC tcase adapter and making that work. With flipped springs your rear DS would be super short. But you could always link it.

EVERYTHING fits with a big enough bar.

how long is your current Drivetrain and how long is your current rear Driveshaft??

I have a LC six with a 420 and dual mini truck tases. But still have a 23" rear Driveshaft. so anything can be done.
Run and electric pusher fan, and tuck the engine right up to the radiator, and move the rear axle back SOME, and you should be able to make this "work"...

You are not really going to spend any money narrowing up a junk 10 bolt are you?

If you are going to mess around with anything for the front, get a 60 man...will save you A LOT of headaches in the future...

Hardcore??? Can't be with a 10 bolt and a 203 ;)

bikinnotdykin said:
I would ditch the 203 chain case and trade or buy a 205

Hi All:

The 14 bolt rearend is the only really valuable piece you listed. Sure, a Turbo350 slushbox can be built pretty wild (with enough $$) but the NP203 is only worthwhile for the low range reduction portion, and the 10 bolt frontend is junk.

Now, if that Chevy p/u had a SM465 with NP203, you'd be close to business! Add an adaptor to a TLC t-case and you'd have super-low gearing (6.5 X 1.99 X 1.99)!


I agree with the change from the 203 to a 205 and I have a 700r, if it will fit the surely the 350 will. Need a double cv in the rear though. Even with flipped springs it's pretty short.
PS. I think I have a ten bolt in the boneyard nobody wanted. (does that tell you anything?)

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