Just replaced plugs...

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Mar 30, 2003
Olathe, KS
I just changed my plugs on my 97 for the first time since I bought it last year. Number 6 was a hoot to get out BTW. When I took the old plugs out, the gap on all of them was nearly 1.5mm and they looked like this:


What in the wide world of sports is that white scaly crap? The dealer I bought the 80 from supposedly did a full tune including plugs. &nbsp:Does this look like normal plug wear after 15,000 miles? Thanks


The following link provides some pictures of spark plugs and explains certain conditions. Yours looks fairly normal to me. I don't see the scaly white crap you mentioned. It appears that there is more than 15k miles on it but I haven't pulled one from a 1FZ-FE w/15k miles to compare.

Is that rust in the plug threads?  If that's the #6 and it has rusty threads then....  (let's not go there just yet.)


Thanks B, just wanted to make sure. Nope, that's not rust, I think it's just the reflection of the metal in the pic. Just curious - what would that indicate? One other thing - does the gap change with wear?

I changed the above link to a NGK site with better pictures.

"Normal rates of gap growth are as follows:
Four Stroke Engines: 0.01~0.02 mm/1,000 km (0.00063~0.000126 inches/1,000 miles)"

>> Just curious - what would that indicate? <<
Never mind, just my over-active imagination and obsession with certain topics that are best left in the closet.

The Wulf is convinced that his beloved head gasket is going to puke all over the place any second. ::)

Been thinking about sneaking over to his place and pouring a big puddle of you-know-what under the motor. :G

I would but I'm afraid I'll poison the pets. :ugh:
C-dan, my moms 'burban leaks around a gallon a week of coolant, (getting fixed soon) I have a beagle, we didn't realize it, she never got sick, I never even saw her touch it. Supposedly dogs like it, but its poisonous, guess my dog is just smarter than the rest :dunno: :D.

>> The Wulf is convinced that his beloved head <<
>> gasket is going to puke all over the place any <<
>> second. <<

Actually, I was thinking about bderks' head gasket, not mine. Now that you mention it, if mine is going to puke then I don't want it to be out in the boonies, 200 miles from civilization.

Or even worse, on a trip with the Rover guys. How humiliating. Toyota should offer to install a new one on my '97 as "goodwill" just to prevent that scenario.  :G


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