Just picked up a 98 TR4 4x4 (1 Viewer)

Jan 30, 2011
Morristown, TN
Well the FJ80 was killing me on gas so I found a new owner for my 1993 LC and picked up this 1998 TR4. MPG is a lot better, runs great, and is in overall great shape for a 98 model.

I've got to get some new wheels, these look like something off a Ford Explorer and I hate them. I put a couple ads on craigslist so hopefully I'll find some 15" SR5 wheels soon. I miss the room I had in my FJ80 but I'm sure I'll get another one some day but I think I'll hold on to the 4Runner and maybe do some mods to it. I got a heck of a deal on this one and the MPG is around 17 in town and 22 on the hwy.

Apr 2, 2011
Why not get some "16 alloys? They came stock on the '98 SR5, the ''15's came on the base model and they look a bit small.

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