Just got myself a 62. what do you guys think?

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Dec 13, 2007
Torrington, CT
Here is the link to the ebay page:
eBay Motors: Toyota : Land Cruiser (item 150231091537 end time Apr-05-08 12:35:29 PDT)

I didnt think I was gonna win but here I am, a 62 owner. The PO said he had the entire drivetrain "resealed" and it doesnt leak a drop. He also said it runs like a top and will make the trip from NJ to CT without a hitch.

Im excited but a little nervous about the mileage. What do you guys think about the price/vehicle?


good price for what you're getting. congrats!
You should have run away while you had the chance. You're dang sure in the soup now. Welcome to the craziness.

Price looks okay to me. It does have a lot of miles, but the price reflects that.

good price, not too rusty.

Have it oiled when you get it to slow down some of the rust in seams etc. The external rust you can stop for awhile with POr-15 or rust bullet. Then you ride won't dissolve beneath you.

They all have some rust. But you get the joy of not having paid 5k to find rust in a year.

Cheers! Now go look for some tires and lift options.....
Looks like you are in good shape. The price is certainly right. I would say with another 5000.00 of accessories you will really start to get the cruiser bug.lol Congrats and welcome!
mees tinks u dun did good!
Welcome. Keep yours eyes open for a 5 speed so if the auto. transmission dies you can change it over to a manual unless you like autos. The transmission is all I would be worried about with the high mileage.
Welcome to the club. I think it looks good for the price. I paid more than you did and I think my body is worse condition and my right rear leaf spring broke when I brought it to sears to balance the tires.
Don't do like I did and drive it under 50 mph for a hundred miles. The transmission runs a lot cooler at 55.
Don't do like I did and drive it under 50 mph for a hundred miles. The transmission runs a lot cooler at 55.

Good advice, thanks. I know I've opened a can of worms becuase I have already been searching for mods and I dont pick it up for another week! I can't wait to get my hands on this thing. Anyone want to buy a 90 xtracab 4x4?

Thanks again for all the advice!

Nice Jump off point

Numbers to add to speed-dial

Cool Cruisers of Texas
Specter Offroad
JT Outfitters
Marlin Crawler
Longfield (Bobby)
Jack-it of Utah

That should get you started.
Add Cruiser Solutions in N.H. to the list, too. Moe is the best L/C mechanic around. He worked wonders on my '62. :cheers:Ned

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