Just got my booster rebuilt Dewey Alternate

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Oct 1, 2006
Just got my brake booster back from being rebuilt. For those of you with the newer disc brake boosters you might want to try Power Brake Sales in Dallas Tx. 214-946-5122. I called Booster Dewey and he will only rebuild the early drum brake banded LC boosters from 1971 - 1975. He told me to try these guys. Since I wanted a OEM LC disc brake booster I had to go elsewhere.
$130.00 rebuild, $15.00 shipping, Sent 6/12, Received @ plant 6/21 Returned to me 6/30. No paint.
Wow that seems like a fair price. Let us know how things work after a couple months. I have at least one I need to get done. Thats a good turn around time also. Thanks for the info.
power boster will rebuild the early ones also. At least I tihnk they will. I took mine to someplace in dallas and they rebuilt it.
I looked at power booster as well, Dewey does rebuild those but you have to source the kit, mine is a 74 and Oregon is close so it was an easy call. You going to paint that? Had mine plated turned out very nice, had to pay a bit extra, kind of like a happy ending, hopefully my rebuilt booster will make it another 37 years:)

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