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just got back from the race...recap

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by concretejungle, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. concretejungle

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    Oct 27, 2003
    North Cadillac
    Just got back from Memphis for the Craftsman truck race. First, i hope not to offend anyone with this comment, but Memphis sucks. I didn't find a damn thing appealing about memphis..............now to the race, got to the track at 8:00am saturday morning. When we arrived temps at the track were on the rise and were allready at 88degrees. We adjusted the truck during practice but just couldn't find the forward bite that Johnny wanted, and ended up qualifying 20th (i think). Temps at the track were reaching 103degrees by afternoon. Our team of 3 toyota tundras looked good as all three teams started close together. A few laps into the race we blew a front left tire. Came in and changed it and got back out before being lapped. Johnny radioed in stating the front end was dancing through the turns, so we came in to find we had broken a right front shock. Removed it and went back out without a front right shock, but still didn't lose a lap. After running about 8 laps without a shock Johnny came back in and we put a new shock on. Amazingly out pit crew is so awesome that we got the truck back out on the track without going a lap down, but we were in the back of the field. Benson continued to fight for positions and ended up getting a 9th place finish.

    As for our two teammates, Bill Lester ran into the back of someone during a restart and cramed the radiator into the front of the motor losing the coolant and blew the motor before he could make it back in. Skinner got spun late in the race and finished pretty far back. It was so dang hot that even the pace car overheated and had to be replaced.
  2. calamaridog


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    Jun 6, 2003
    Cuyamaca, CA and Las Vegas, NV
    I thought Memphis had good BBQ?

    Sorry, just trying to say something nice about Memphis...