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Ya know what they say about opinions.:p
I bought one of mine from the guy who bought it new in 76. It still has drum brakes. I have no reason to change them. They work fine.
I live in Central America. It's full of cruisers with drum brakes. I also have a disk brake cruiser.They both stop fine.
Search this site for it. I think there has been some negative feedback on the quality. That company is also tagged as JTO and JT Outfitters. They get fair to poor reviews on ordering, shipping and support. I have seen their brake booster adapter installs here and it is like 1/4 inch to short, so people who buy it have to washers or other stuff to make it clear the rib on the firewall, and that was its only purpose. Makes me suspect on anything else they fabricate and sell Search this site their are better options including taking the knuckles off later toyota's.

Here is one of the many posts about them
Toyota parts are stronger, will work better, and can cost less (if you're resourceful).
search "JT OUTFITTERS" HERE ON THE MUD BOARD. Then call Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters, which contributes to this forum quit a lot!

just my 2cents
I found a guy with like 14 fj40's he said he has some with disc brakes already on them would it be better to buy the entire axle
I just put in 1977 disc axles into my 1962. Having a factory axle with the factory disc setup is much nicer. I paid $300 for front and rear axles. If I need to buy new callipers and get the rotor turned I will still be under $400.
Do you plan to do more than just add disk brakes? If you plan to deviate from the stock suspension/steering to a SOA and high steer, consider using '79 or later parts. Personally, I like Toyota parts and "stock" brake assemblies. (Just another "opinion").
If that axle is in good shape and pre 1979 so the gear ratio matches you 1975 rear axle it would be a much better option then converting it using JTO. I am not sure on the price, I got a pair of axles for $300 that supposedly had been rebuilt a few years ago. They let them sit for a while so the rotors are rusty but look good, Using air pressure not all the pistons are frozen, but I am not sure if the calipers are good or not. So $500 for just the front axle I am not sure about. But parts rarely come up for sale around here, I got real lucky.
Ok plan and simple what is the best and easiest way to do this conversion. Because I'm getting a lot of different answers and I'm confused . Will my axles be ok with a lift and ps
Use the toyota parts , I used the knuckles of of an 85 4runner that I had , they have the large pattern steering arms . The only thing i did was upgrade to 81 cruiser rotors which are vented, It is all bolt on with no searching around for special parts . I can walk into any parts store and get replacement parts. Best of all its all Toyota
I was going to get the same kit, until I got more info here on MUD. You can get a better set up for less from a FJ60 , 4runner or a pick up. Not to mention you will get real TOYOTA PARTS. IMHO don't buy that kit. I bought a used axle from a 60 from $200 .
ok sorry for the stupid questions, but basicly I buy a fj60 axle with the disc brakes on it and buy new lines? or what? seems to me this guy around here is charging way to much for just a front axle not to mention i still have to buy new parts... Trying not to break the walet to much.. it's just my drums are shot and want to go a better way.. my brother will put everything i buy on for free i just got to get the right parts lol.
You don't even need the full axle, just everything from the knuckle out. I also got fj60 tie rod and drag link for around $50.00. Some guys on mud will set you up if you ask in the parts wanted section.

I would do more reading on the subject and dive in. It's alot easier than it first appears and makes a world of difference. Search and use the FAQ sticky. You will find all the info you need to make the best decision.

Good luck and post up a thread about it when your done!
ok thanks I'm gonna try and post up some wanted ad's because 750 dollars for just the supplies to do it is that right? or steep?
Use 2008 fj cruiser rear disck brake on the fj40 front hub and make your own caliper bracket using gm calipers ,that is how we do in here P.R.

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