Just curious... Early FJ62 VIN #'s

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Oct 27, 2021
Winchester, KY
Good morning! Just out of curiosity after noticing that MFD on the VIN plate is SEP 1987 and not being able to do much more than decode the VIN online...

Does anyone know the first production month of the 1988 FJ62 (for North America)? What the 1st VIN # could have been?

Again, my production date was SEP 1987 and VIN JT3FJ62G5J0075870

This is from copies of the parts microfiche. Starting frame number seems to be 074006. This is also the last six digits of the VIN. But the 2nd list shows something different. I suppose these are two different manufacturing plants?

View attachment 2928615

View attachment 2928616
Thanks! That's pretty cool information. Looks like it may have been the 1846th built for USA or somewhere around that.
@2mbb Do these sheets exist for the 60 somewhere here on Mud? I did a search and couldn't find anything. Really neat info.

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