Just can't reach it.....

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Feb 22, 2005
Pflugerville, TX
Alright, so we have the doors off. The pins were very very very unccoperative to say the least. I noticed the PO painted the entire hinge with gasket in place. I decided we should just take those hinges completely out and clean up before we put them back in. However, for the life of me and the wife (smaller hands) we cannot get to the last bolt of the top hinge on the drivers side! I've tried small ratchet wrench with a home made cheater bar and everything else I can come up with.....:mad:

If you have taken these bleeping things off how did you get to that one? It kinda sucks that you cannot just order that gasket separate as well, I guess I'll make my own when I go to re-install.

Maybe try removing the instrument cluster?
That will work, but I have reached up through the kick vent with a small socket and had some luck that way.
I use a long offset box end wrench. The twelve point type. Out of everything I've tried over the years this has worked the best for me. Can use a piece of pipe as a cheater. Once I get it loose I have a cheap set of offset ratchet wrenches to finsih the job.
Just curious, why are you taking the hinges off? A drift punch and a good hammer should drive the pins out, and for ease I put the top pin in upside down so you don't have to fold the windshield out of the way to get them out. Good luck getting the rest of the hinges off though.
My ratcheting box end would not fit. Short box end didn't have enough torque. I used a slightly longer offset box end from below. Moving only slightly each time and re-positioning. My pins were so stuck it took a lot of hammering even when they were off. No way I could have done it when they were still on the 40. Good luck and be patient.
Thanks for everyone's words of encouragement and advice. I think I got it slightly rounded now to make things even easier .... :rolleyes:

These might just stay on as is......

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