Just boughtl my first FJ60-pics

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Mar 30, 2008
I bought my first FJ60 yesterday. I am new to the Land Cruiser world as well as this forum. I searched the FAQ, but couldn't find an answer to my question. I am going to install the OME setup soon and am curious if anyone is running 285/75R16(33x11.50) on their rig. I have set of 285s on my 4-Runner that want to put on the Cruiser. I plan on getting a set of 16" black steelies and need to know what back spacing, if any, I need to account for. Pics attachedNew addition
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Welcome and nice looking FJ60!

I run 33x12.5x15's on my truck with OME and they fit fine. the stock back space si 3.5 inches, however, I think there are some rims that even with the correct back space still rub against the front calipers. There is a sticky thread that has some links to threads about wheels and rims. Check it out.
Good looking 60! Wish mine was that clean!

If I remember correctly the back spacing on the factory wheels is 3.75". Someone correct me if I am wrong.

I like the red ones too:cheers:
Thanks guys. So I assume there is no difference in the backspacing between 15" and 16" wheels.
welcome! i can see you have great taste judging by your color choice :cool:
Crusher February 2008.jpg
Welcome. Nice cruiser. The stock bs is 3.25" I think. A lot of wheels do not work since they hit the brake calipers. How many miles you have on it? What are your plans for it?

that is a clean lookig rig,welcome to club mud and time to get that rig dirty.SEARCH is your friend,a lot of guys in here are also very helpful if needed.welcome to the addiction as they say. john:D

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