Just bought a stock front bumper off Amazon

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Feb 7, 2013
My front bumper seems to be worse than most I see on trucks here and for sale elsewhere. It's dented and badly chewed up by rocks on the center section, almost like the PO dirt track raced it, and both end caps were mangled scraped and gouged. The body shop quoted me a discounted price of $350 to make it like new. But I opted for the factory paint job on the Amazon bumpers that should stand up better.
The bumper always bugged me because the rest of the truck is in really good shape and that sand blasted and bent hunk of steel made the whole front end look old.
So for $440 I've got a new bumper on the way.

Anyone else go this route?
Went the ARB route, but the stocker is in the attic in case someone else might need it. It's in fair condition, not as ugly as yours sounded, but might beat having a mangled one.

I am wondering, free shipping with that $440 cost?
Yeah that's shipped.

I wanted a bull bar bumper so bad but being primarily a beach cruiser I have no place to winch. (And the LC never gets stuck) Not to mention it's about 3x the price all told.
That's what I got, along with two end caps which are about $100 each. All painted.
me too!!!

thing is a beast so you cannot beat free shipping. think i even got prime.

installation was a breeze. rock on brother !

been meaning to replace the rear bumper end caps too but them go for $180 piece.
Those are some good prices.
I'd be surprised if you couldn't find rear bumper end caps in the classified here. Did you try posting a "wanted to buy"? I'm sure there are people with pretty nice bumpers, that are removing the stock stuff after the 4x4 Labs group buy. Perhaps not good as new, but I expect some are close.

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