Just bought a Land Cruiser 1992 on OfferUp….

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Jan 28, 2023
East Los Angeles , Ca
About 224k miles on it and it seemed to run fine , made it home but I noticed a lot of white smoke leaving the exhaust mostly when car was probably still cold .cluster isn’t working only the mph, shows nothing else also seemed to be leaking from the front differential. so this is me starting said project i am full of questions and eager to learn from everyone on here .I’m excited to try to build my LC back to her glory I will provide more pictures as I find more things wrong lol


You did well and it looks like you found a clean and largely unmolested FJ80, congrats!

You'll want to catch up on maintenance items and fix the cluster and whatever other issues you find but from the look of things you may not have any large projects to get into. Not sure your plans but I'd recommend driving it stock for a while before committing to major mods or large projects, if possible. A white FJ80 is a great rig to keep close to stock form in my opinion and yours looks like a great example.

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