Just bought 77 J40. Newbie in Costa Rica

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Aug 27, 2013
Costa Rica
Hey everyone, I just purchased a 1977 Cruiser here in Costa Rica. The roads around my place are terrible and steep but so far haven't needed to use 4x4. She is a diesel and pretty stock, newish paint and 33 inch rubber. Have a few minor issues with a small oil leak, more of a drip to be honest. I check the levels everyday still full. Should I check gasket?? Here are some pics...
Thanks for reading
Do you have any pics of the engine? What about where the oil is comming from? Is it engine oil/diff fluid/???Lot of variables. Can u see where its dripping from or when its parked what area underneath the truck?Cool rig
Thanks for the info, I will grab some pics of the area and engine now and post soon. Much appreciated.
Ya i was told that sometimes it can be moisture..I mean the drip is there its minimal but present. I'm not too worried but need to address it either way. Any thoughts on converting to updated shocks and struts? She rides real rough on these jungle roads...and not having power steering is fun..haha...still she is bad ass
Oh also what about installing a snorkel? We are in rainy season down here, is this something worth doing?
Ok, so after checking where the drip was coming from it appears that whoever did the last oil change added too much and it is now driping the excess out...I have triple checked the level and it is just above full, what an idiot.
However i may still have a gasket issue or....For some reason I am over my quota for pics attached. Anyone know how to fix this? Again sorry for the questions...thanks again guys
Nice looking rig. I think the right turn signal must have come from CCOT---it's already turning yellow
Hi Ryan, welcome to the madness!
Tell us more about your Cruiser. It's a '77 diesel that we already know.
It still has the factory blinkers which is very rare in Costa Rica. Most of them have the 70 series blinkers.
You also don't have the front door vent windows and the rear vent windows.
Is it a genuine CR Cruiser or is it an imported FJ with B engine?
Anyway, we need a lot of pics. Until your tenth posting your quota is used up.
From posting #11 you get 5 pics per posting.
You can also upload your pics to Photobucket or what you prefer and copy the photo tag here in your postings. That way you can post unlimited pics per posting.

:cheers: Rudi
welcome :cheers:
Hi all,

Please post pics of the engine, and the factory info plate on the firewall in the engine compartment.


Thanks guys, I will post engine pics today. I believe the car is a genuine CR cruiser, I also know that the previous owner did do some upgrades. Newish seats, paints, and hoses and belts. Standard stuff. Everything else is pretty stock. Yes the blinkers are factoy as far as I know. Really excited to be a part of this forum!
Pics coming
Here are some more pics guys. I wll take some of the interior and more engine shots.

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