Just another Fj40 V8 build

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May 8, 2008
My neighbor died and I inherited this ugly jeep looking thing. I just happened to send some photos of it to my friend who is into 4x4s. Come to find out it's a 1975 landcrusier that had a 305 v8 conversion done. After researching landcruisers I have quickly become addicted. The 305 was near death so I pulled it out and I am now rebuilding a 350. I pulled the top off, all doors and seats. I have been sanding her for days. Here are some photos.
My 77 had that same pimped out pin stripe package on it back in the 70's :p. I found it under several paint jobs. Nobody bothered to remove the vinyl before they painted.

That looks like a great project and at the perfect price (free).

It doesn't appear to be in too bad of shape for a Denver rig, swap your front brakes to discs if they aren't already and get ready to open your wallet.......

Wow looks like a decent platform. Lots of work and a few:beer::bang:
You will have a nice ride. Good luck

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