Junkyard hopping in Malaysia...drool...

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Feb 2, 2007
Well, ever since the Baja trip, I have been looking to convert my FJ60 to diesel. But, I am not willing to accept the 12HT or 4BT options...

Today, in Malaysia, I drove an HJ60 that had been converted to an intercooled 1HDT and was running about 18 psi max boost.

IT WAS AWESOME!!! I have dreamed of that setup in the baja mobile.

DROOL! Did you pick it up?
Whats wrong with a 12HT?

The 12H-T it's a definately super duper engine .. but not that fast compared to 1HD-T that have more displacement and timing belt ( ya I know ) that make it more faster ..

Anycase both are great engines ..

Interesting to know if this 1HD-T it's running stock rods, pistons and head .. ( head gasket ) and which should be the life expentance at 18 PSI ..
I did not pick it up. I am from the US, so it would be difficult to import. And, I am not a fan of RHD trucks in the US. That said, if I were living in Malaysia, or another RHD country, I would have definately tried!!

I like the 1HDT because it is a strong engine, it has considerably more up-to-date technology than the 12HT (which is not a bad engine), and it is smoother and quiter than the 12HT or the 4B.

The drive was great, though I didn't drive it too far. It had some turbo lag, but when the power came on as we passed 1500 RPM, it was great! It represented a tremendous increase in power as compared to my 2F. I would say that the power output on this engine was in the 180-200 range.

Very cool.


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I like that paint job. Is the "LAND CRUISER" written on the side real or photoshopped? It glows in your picture, real cool!
sweet rig...is the "land cruiser" reflective tape?
Yeah, the Land Cruiser was a reflective sticker of some type.

It was definately a cool rig!!

well now my keyboard is shot....makin me drool all on it and such....

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