June 19 from Colorado

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Mar 14, 2010
colorado springs
Hey guy's my name is Matt and I am from Colorado Springs. I just joined the Colorado Land Cruiser's club in february. My family and I are going to be on a little vacation up their from June 18-21. I called Rhonda out of the TLCA magazine and she told me to email her some info but I must have lost here e-mail and just found you guys here. I would like to get on the trail with you while I'm out there, and I guess your club go's out every 3rd Saturday so the 19th would be perfect. And if you guys know a couple of good site seeing places that most people don't know about up their, that would be great. Or even a few scenic trails I could do by myself would be cool too.

thank you
Hi Matt,

Good to hear that you will be visiting the Black Hills! Feel free to give me a call on my cell (605)431-5820 and I can work out some logistics and make sure that we will be doing a trail run. We normally leave from a location in Rapid City around 9:00 in the morning on the Saturday that we do trail runs. I would also like to extend a invitation to stop in to our club meeting on Friday the 18th at 7:30pm if you are interested. Feel free to give me a call.

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My name is Chuck and I am in the Colorado Land Cruisers with Matt. I was going to head to the Rubicon trail on June 19th but my plans have changed since the Rubicon trail is still covered in snow. I think I will be heading for the Black Hills on the 19th and staying in the area for most of the week. I have been looking for a web site that describes the trail in the area and also has directions to the trails but I haven't found a site yet. Please let me know if one exists. I will be in the area with my FJ60 and with a friend who has a 75 Bronco. Both rigs will be trailered to the Black Hills. Thanks in advance for any information on trails and recommendations on a location to camp.
Matt and Chuck,

Sorry I have gotten back to you guys sooner. Matt, we were unable to run our club run last month due to the trail not getting opened because of excessive rain, thus that is why I haven't sent you any pictures!

Anyway, we are planning on having club members run trails this coming weekend in preparation for our event in July. With the amount of rain that we have had this weekend though we may be limited to the trails that we can get on. It would be easiest if you guys could give me a call and I will try and get you hooked up with some of the other club members regarding trail runs.(605-431-5820). We are hoping to show some guys from fort collins around this coming weekend as well!


Hi Brian,

Mike and I will be staying at the Fish N' Fry campground 6 miles South of Deadwood on 385. We will be getting in late on Saturday June 19th. Hopefully the weather will improve as the week goes on. I have been thinking of how to get everyone to spend some time doing what they enjoy and I don't have a set plan yet but we will be looking for some family friendly trail rides, a some tougher trail rides and fishing for starters.

I now have your number in my cell. If you would like to contact me my cell is 719-649-9180.

May be we could hook up with Matt for a good family run on Sunday?

I will give you a call tommorow as it's pretty late right now. I am staying in rapid city and we can try and get something figured out then. Thanks for getting back, see you soon. My cell is 1-(719)649-7361
I just wanted to thank you guy's for taking my father in law and me out on the trails on saturday. We had a great time. I am looking forward to coming down next year in july with a little more experience under my belt. I hope everything with matt's truck went ok as well.

Thank's again
No Problem Matt. If your in the area again feel free to look us up again!! See you at Next years BHCC!!

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