June 13, Tahuya

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And for those of you who think Tahuya is for stock rigs, not any more! The QuadraPaws brought in a bunch of boulders and created a pretty wild hill climb on the North loop that I wouldn't tackle with anything less than 35" tires and lockers front & rear!
I'll be there, I will see if the other 4 FJ55's will be along- I would imagine a yes! I'm excted about this new hillclimb :D
Yea, & I hear there may be a bypass for the north loop hill too now. You done with spring sports photography by the 13th to make it with us?
I'll try to make it over earlier in the day, but I have a date with my wife in the early evening and will have to cut out early. Hopefully I'll have a cruiser to bring... Brandon?

This Safeway?
23961 N.E. State Route 3, Belfair, WA
I'm out for this one, I can do Sunday the 14th. Too much end of school year, end of baseball, end of cub scouts, etc going on with the kids Saturday.

Sunday sounds like it might be better for you two anyway? We do have daylight now until 9PM how about an afternoon run say we meet up @ Safeway around 2PM?
I got a lot of stuff going right now and wont know for sure if I am going or not about a day before or so. I'll keep checking here for updates...
I could make Sunday work. I'll check back here for updates as that weekend gets closer.
Ive got Pat's xj back at my place with some brand new 37'' Krawlers on it. To bad I work weekends now.
Has this been officially changed to Sunday? The wife has given me a kitchen pass for tomorrow so I get to come out to play. Yay!!
Let's do it! 2PM @ the Belfair Safeway work for everyone?

My tires are shot and I have to wait until mid-July to afford some new ones so it could be a rather interesting afternoon. I do have a full size spare plus a plug kit so I should be able to make it back home.
Too bad Willius starting bleeding from his rear main and had to bug out early, here are a few pics from today.

New North Loop hill

Bypass for the North Loop hill

Proof Willius did make it to the trail...

OlympiaFJ60 schooled me most of the day today, A-Trac did save the day on a dug out off camber hill that we actually both walked right up!


Wait Dad!!!

looks like you guys had some fun while I was at work...
Good, good fun. At least up to the point I hemorrhaged a quart of oil and had to head for triage... It'll get fixed and I'll be back out there with you guys.

When's our next play date?
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