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Aug 16, 2009
Alright gents... let's talk July.

We've tossed around the ideas of a BBQ/light duty wrenching session at one of two places so far. I say we pick a Saturday or Sunday and put it on the calendar. If anyone has any preferences, or specific weekends that don't work, post it up.

The Overland Rally is in Leavenworth this year from the 26th-29th of July.

A group of guys from NWOS are running the WABDR from Canada down to Leavenworth a few days prior to that. I believe they are starting the 23rd. If anyone is interested, I can get you in touch with the guy leading it. He's good people.

For us...

I propose a weekend trip out to run a section of it. I'm thinking a 2 night trip.

Friday Afternoon/Evening - meet outside Naches somewhere off of 410

Saturday - run Manastash Ridge out to Durr Rd, run Durr north into Ellensburg. Hang out in Ellensburg and meet up with those who couldn't/didn't want to make it out Friday evening.

Saturday (cont.) - run north into the Quilomene, maybe just Colockum or perhaps (if we're up to it) a run out east to the Columbia.

Sunday - finish Colockum north into Wenatchee, or head back down into Ellensburg. Either way we're out of the bush and back here Sunday evening.

I've been planning on camping these past few weekends but keep backing out due to weather. The eastside is much more predictable weather-wise, and even though it's a drive, the routes are all stock-rig friendly.
:wrench:-ing Meet and Greet for me. I'll let others fine tune the date for such a party :)
Not sure how July will pan out for me, but I do have a few vacation days that I need to use before the middle of August. As for the wrenching meet and greet, just let me know when and where.
Let's set a date for the :wrench: and greet Mike, actually
we should let you set it if you have any availability for it to be at your house? Also if so lets have some guys start throwing out what things they need done, first come first serve. And busmp808 if it can be at your place let us know how in depth we can go or if we need to keep it to fluid changes... And carpet washing/dash dusting for the 80s guys ;)

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