July/August Toyota Trails

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Jan 19, 2005
Vancouver, Canada
Head's up Coastal Cruisers, the new issue of TT, page 22, shows a culvert maintenance photo of Glenn, Aaron, Mat & Chris H, taken above Charlotte Lake. They encourage TLCA members to get involved in taking care of backwoods trails. Well, I think many CC and 4WDABC members do exactly that: getting out and helping to clean up remote areas, Stave Lake being a good example. :cheers:
Also in this issue, past CC member Deny Chramosta posted a great 2-page photo of the Tumbler Ridge area of the Rockies. :cool:

Also in this issue: a pic of at least 20 Pakistanis loaded on a BJ40, a vehicle which later busts its crankshaft, but amazingly keeps running. :clap: The legend continues....

What: you don't get Toyota Trails? You're not a member of TLCA? :bang: s*** man, get with the :ban:program and pay yer frigg'n dues. These people work hard for you to enjoy sharing experiences in Land Cruisers from all over the world.
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Looking forward to getting my next issue!

Thanks for the props to TLCA, Bill. Its a worthy association to be a member of, and the official TLCA events are second to none.
Also in this issue, past CC member Deny Chramosta posted a great 2-page photo of the Tumbler Ridge area of the Rockies. :cool:

Ha Ha, let me tell you about that picture, as I didn't know Todd was going to use it, but actually my buddy Adam took it, we were drinking beer around the campfire as the sun was going down and Adam says to me, hey that looks pretty cool, pass me your camera, so drunken me, tosses him my camera and he took the shot, I didn't even remember he took it until I was looking at the photos after that trip ;)
Flash: the first 3 new CC members signing up at the July 12 meeting will receive the new July/August Toyota Trails magazine at Cruiser Days July 28. BE THERE!:eek:
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Another great article in the new July/August TT issue is called "The Good, The Bad, & The Carnage" by Coastal Cruiser sweetheart Charla Downey on page 37. She writes about Tyler Arnott, founder of the Tarsand Toyota Club, who had serious differential and spring problems in pre-Cruise Moab exploring on the Golden Spike Trail. Charla's photos and text is up for her usual high standards for Toyota Trails. Nice job, Charla!

Huh? Still not a TLCA member yet? Good God man, git yer 3rd member in gear and pay yer dues now, else we'll sic Steve T on yer case!:eek:
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