JT Outfitters Super Knuckle rebuild kit --

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Mar 28, 2003
Hi all --

I'm sorry I've been absent over the past couple of weeks, but I just moved and my latest foster pup is crapping and peeing EVERYWHERE but outside -- so, I've been busy in the details... :mad:

I'm looking at a Birfield re-build, and this JT Outfitters kit has come up quite a bit (the SSBKL5) -- has anyone used it? Is it the same or better quality than Toyota parts?

Here's the URL:


THANKS for any advice you can give -- this is my first time doing this!!


PS - extra nuts, bolts, washers, etc. I'll get from toy:

#90101-12166, 4 pc, 2x
#90201-12019, 8 pc, 4x
#90126-12005, 8 pc, 4x
#904115-71200, 4 pc, 2x
#42323-60020, 8 pc, 4x
I've only heard bad things about JTO and had issues with the only order I'd ever placed with them. This varies though - maybe depends on the alignment of the planets or something - :dunno:.

Personally - I go with only Toyota parts for this stuff.
You'll have to help most of us with those p/n's. While C-Dan can remember every part number for every Cruiser made, most of us are not in his caliber. :bow:

As for the kit you mentioned:
Do you need a hub socket? If not, you're buying another.
Your cruiser has 72k miles. It is VERY unlikely you will need wheel bearings unless the truck was neglected.
Do you want to pay someone to ship you 4lbs of grease? It's probably not synthetic either, though Toyota only calls for moly in the knuckles and HD in the wheel bearings.

Knuckle bearings should be replaced. It appears from the picture that they are in that kit though they are not mentioned in the text. I would get that clarified before I placed an order.

You have PM.

OMG -- as always, this list is the bottom line --

-- I just canceled my order and will do it piecemeal through my dealer --

-- I'll clarify the P/Ns tomorrow when I get the parts -- now I've gotta dig through the FSM for the parts for the overhaul --

-- thanks all -- I do appreciate it -- If I'm gonna do this, why not do it right!

eric :slap:
Yeah this kit seems to take all the guess work out of finding all the right parts to do the job right. But then again what is the quality of the parts. I wonder if they use Toyota parts.
Just did mine about a month ago with the kit form man-a-fre, only og tthe kit with knuckle and wheel bearings and all of hte seals. worked well for me, no real complaints other than their hub socket is a tin foil peice of s***. the bearings are ok and seem to be fine.
if you look through the past posts you will see my question and Jim Phillips really good write up on the procedure. print that out and tape it to your fender, use it.
Dave :beer:
REPEAT AFTER ME, "OEM parts,boss....OEM parts,boss....OEM parts, boss.........."

Oh the hell with it, do it twice, I don't care.............. :slap:

REPEAT AFTER ME, "OEM parts,boss....OEM parts,boss....OEM parts, boss.........."

Is this real world experience or blind faith? I don't mean to break balls but I did use the MAF kit as well and would like a honest answer to this. Yourself and Beowulf are adament about this and if it's real world I'll watch closely but if it's blindly going with OEM (aftermarket bashing as it were) I'd like to know that as well.

I've had my fingers in this business for 24 years. Very seldom have I seen an aftermarket part for a Toyota that looked as "nice" as a factory part. That being said, it certainly doesn't mean that aftermarket won't be serviceable. I like the factory stuff because it is a "known" pedigree and I don't have to second guess if It will hold up as the original did.
As we speek I am running around on aftermarket trunion bearings because I was in a bind when I swapped my front axle housing and forgot to order new ones. That is sitting in the back of my mind bothering me. They probably will be fine but I can assure you that the next time I pull the front end down they are coming out regardless of what they look like and OEM ones are going back in so I can sleep better.
Call me what you like, It's just the way I am comfortable repairing my vehicle.
Off the soap box now, Dan :beer:
You'll pay more for OEM but you get what you pay for. But is the aftermarket parts really that bad? I mean how much lower is the quality?
Rick & Wrench,

For me, the main issue with using aftermarket front axle parts is the "cost vs risk" issue.  It took me the better part of 3 days to do it the first time. It is a messy and time consuming job.  To gamble my 3 days against saving $20, $40, or even $100 savings by using non-Toyota parts just doesn't make sense to me.

A leaking gasket, a leaking seal, a bearing with 1 or 2 fewer rollers.... maybe a little larger or smaller... you never know with non-Toyota parts.

I will, and do, use aftermarket parts. Lots of them. I didn't buy a Toyota replacement battery, I bought an Optima. My interior lights are now LED's, thanks to George. I am trying a TRD washable filter while I usually swear by the OEM paper filters.  I have aftermarket 100 series pads on the front. I have non-OEM front rotors.  I have aftermarket SS brake lines. Sourcing the same Timken or Koyo bearing by p/n is fine. Save a few bucks here and buy them wherever you can get the best deal.

Putting a PCV valve in twice is no big deal (BTDT.)  Replacing a leaky inner axle seal is a big deal.

>> I mean how much lower is the quality?  <<

Case in point. Others on the 80sCool list that are very knowledgable have done the analysis on aftermarket oil seals vs the OEM Toyota oil seal. These are professional mechanics living in Australia that specialize in the 80 series. They found the Toyota seals have several subtle differences in construction. Most would be transparent to the layman or novice in fluid dynamics. It seems the Toyota seal has a special lip and curvature that increases the life.  I'm sure that building basically the same front axle for 30 years has given the Toyota engineers insight to the "little things" that can make a big difference in the construction of the parts.

I could go on, but you get my point. (Or maybe you don't)

Ask yourself this question:  If you took your truck to the Toyota dealer and they were doing a full front axle service under warranty and they asked you would it be OK with you if they saved the shop $80 by using aftermarket parts?  What would you answer?

As C-Dan said, go ahead and buy whatever you want and do the job twice, I really don't care either.  :G
It would be nice if a source could be found for GOOD aftermarket Toyota stuff. I use an excellent wholesale place that supplies me with oem European parts for German vehicles.... many times the item will come in a vw/audi box and/or have the VW Audi symbol and part number - same oem manufacturer, same part I would buy at the dealer. The scary part? I can buy the same part for less money than a dealer will pay through their parts network. Some stuff goes for less than 25% of retail.

There is tons of crap out there...
:-X OK here goes! I've been spending tons of money on Cruiser parts since 1997- Menses fo' Fre is full of (insert expletive). They will tell you anything to sell you anything and then you are on your own. YMMV.
:-X OK here goes! I've been spending tons of money on Cruiser parts since 1997- Menses fo' Fre is full of (insert expletive). They will tell you anything to sell you anything and then you are on your own. YMMV. Good Luck- ya might need it!
I bought a Pinnacle Engineering 4" lift for my FJ60 from Joe Turpin @ JT Outfitters and was very pleased with it and many have seen it in action, including no doubt some on this list- I can name at least two active members- but the shocks were junk- Heckethorns.
Now I BUY OEM IF POSSIBLE. At the very least, make sure the bearings are quality, but aftermarket seals are usually 'almost fit' at best and junk at the worst.
PS- "Almost Fit"- = DOES NOT FIT!!!!
My truck is getting closer to an axle rebuild. I already have most of the stuff accumulated in a corner, but no trunnion bearings. My truck has almost 130k on the clock. Should they be done while I am in there? Just curious.

If so, can somebody shout out a PN and possibly dealer cost for reference? The dealer here will give me deals when I know exactly what I want and what I can get it for, but they can't find the right parts for the life of them on their own. :slap:


Knuckle Bearings, Quantity 4
Koyo: 30304AJR-2-N Hi cap
Toyota p/n: 90366-20003

You can get them from the Toy store or source the same bearing locally. Just make sure it is the identical brand, not an *equivalent*.

The knuckle bearings should be replaced at EVERY birfield repack on an 80 series (60k intervals). They are relatively small, support most of the weight of the truck, and lead a very hard life on a street machine and even harder life on a truck that is wheeled. Replacing these bearings and races while you have the knuckle open is about an extra 1 hr per side.


I would say it's even less time than that (with the proper SST's) because you aren't spending any time cleaning up old bearings. Drive the races, pack the new bearings, away you go................. :G

I'm still mad at the guy who forgot to get the "right ones" for me....... :slap: (how do you slap yourself with these things?) maybe......dan> :slap:<dan...?
Ask yourself this question....WHY are you doing this repair/project?

1> Because I've put 75k+ on the truck and it's due for the normal maintenance


2) Because a trashed another "big" part because I constantly push my vehicle beyond it's mechanical limits

I fit #2....my seals and gaskets don't get to wear out, they get trashed when a inner axle snaps and the seal shreds. I rebuild my front axle, repack bearings, and replace seals/gaskets on a yearly basis as part of my maintenance, BECAUSE I'm so hard on the parts. The parts maybe have 1500 miles on them....but they are HARD miles.

If your first look at these parts was 75k and the next look will be 150k, then spend the extra for the quality stuff.
Is this real world experience or blind faith? .

So just to get back to my original question.

There is no hard evidence that the MAF kit fails prematurely and your advice not to use it is based on your belief that OEM is always better.

guys, if I'm not mistaken those same mechanics recommend not using OEM bearings in the diffs on the pinion shafts as they don't hold up very well. When I had my gears done they were also trashed and replaced them with Timkens.
ok enough bull s*** for one morning.
the man a fre kit came with koyo trunion bearing and timken wheel bearings. also the inner oil seal on the axle shaft in the kit was a ngk, exact same as the oe part I ordered from my local toyota dealer. I fully respect the thought of aftermarket parts sucking (I work in a body shop as an estimator) I hate the damn things in a lot of applications. however There are some good a/m parts suppliers out there. I have never had a problem with a timkin bearing set, the koyos scared me a little bit but as I plan to be in there every 40-60k I will sleep just fine.
The long and short of it is some a/m is ok to use (IMHO) know what you are buying when you buy a kit and you should be ok.
Dave :beer:

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