JP, Gehn Well???????

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Gundy said:
Give it up in it's proper time , eh? You tease :flipoff2:

They went, they saw, they conquered........and got paid fot it. Now they're gonna be suspenseful. I'm going to tell my mom that Ghen & J.P. won't share. If you two were Baptist you could get "CHURCHED" for withholding the "nescessary information". Need some word soon or we will make up a bunch of stuff and sign your names to it!:mad:
Ok I'll just remain clueless in the corner. Anyone want to bring me up to speed???
To fill Matt in JP and Ghen went to Alabama mon and tues as support vehicle for the FJ Cruiser wheeling and photoshoot. So they were one of the first people to ever wheel with the FJ Cruiser. Everyone is want to see pics and hear stories and such now. Except for me cause I have heard lots of stuff :flipoff2: lets just say there might be a titty bar involved at some point. ;)
Sorry for the delay gentlemen :D

Well the trip started dark and early on mon. morning Gehn was knocking at my door at 3:45 in the morning :doh:. We left for Alabama promptly at 4am. After driving through rain and snow we arrived to a foggy,cold, and dismal B-Ham where we met up with a crew for the shoot. We ventured out into the 35* down pour to arrive at Gray Rock OHV around noon on Monday once at the the park we threw it into 4-lo and followed the FJ's lead into what would turnout to be the muddest two days of my life. Over the two days we spent at Gray Rock I myself got stuck 4 times (its time for new tires) to the FJ's 2...... :rolleyes: I have to say the little FJ far surpassed my expectations. It definetly out performed my 62 which I consider to be fairly capable, but the FJ with the rear locker and traction control might as well have been locked front and rear. It also had tons of power with the V6. It climbed hills like a moutain goat, and this was in probaly the nasty conditions I have ever wheeled around in. So if any of you guys was considering buying the FJ or had doubts about its capability, worry no more it is a mean little machine. The proffessional driver flogged on it all day long and it never complained, but I will say those plastic bumbers will have to go, they were popping off left and right :D. When gehn posts up the pics you guys should be in for a treat, I think he has some killer mud shots!!!

Gehn and Myself were treated like kings, and not the two broke college kids we really are, everything was taken care of for us :D. Just like at the FJ reveal in Greenville Toyota went above and beyond and hired a top notch crew!!!! It was a great trip and I wish I could have stayed on for the whole shoot as their next stop was Tellico and then onto Colorado!!!

If you have any questions about the FJ let me know......
:flipoff2: I'm jealous! Hey, don't forget if your heading though Atlanta, I'm about a mile off I-85 if ya need anything.
Awesome stuff, JP. Killer opportunity you guys had.

Now get those pics up Gehn!!!
Dang...wish they could of hooked another broke brother up. Sounded like a fun time fellers, can't wait to see some pics!
ok guys, here are a few teasers...











From the look of all that rain, you guys must of been frickin soaked to the bone!

THat's why i h8 mud!! That FJ looked seriously stuck in that picture. Nice guys!!

They never do it justice so I know it was even MORE fun than the fantastic
pictures can portray. Dang.....neat shots! Got any without those canard wings
on that UGLY thing? Did the bumperettes just pop back on?
Guess we'll all put ARB bumpers on anyway. :grinpimp:
Great shots Gehn!! Especially the one with the mud flying right at you! Did you get coated on that shot or what?? :D

Looks like a fun time and a capable, inexpensive brand new rig.

I'll bet that Marshall is right - when these things hit the lots, UC membership will surely increase with owners that want to get off road and do some trail riding.

Good work!!
If I could afford one I'd buy it!!!!....Those things are badass.
What great pictures. A trip of a lifetime!! Way to go gentlemen!

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