John Deere HIRs - Done - 100 Series

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Jun 18, 2003
Oriental, NC
Well the HIR upgrade is done, took about 1 minute per light to file the height of the nub down. I used the file in my Leatherman that stays in my glove box. Interesting part, the light actually says GE 9012 55 W DOT! The John Deere part # is AH162232. The price each was $28.55.

Seat of the pants guess - I had a HIR bulb installed and a regular bulb installed. I could stare all day at the stock bulb however the HIR is so much brighter, you can not look at it very long. It is still light out here in NC so tonight will be test.

As far as flashlights, I have a big maglight.


I heard the Jeep guys have the best flashlights, usually an assortment of incadcent, florecent, and LED, along with a lot of batteries. Something about long runtimes for emergency repairs, wouldn't know about that. I guess it's a jeep thing, I just don't understand. :D :D

Are the bulbs for the 100 series the same as for a 80???

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