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Sep 7, 2012
Edmonton, Canada, T5E-5R9
As some of you may or may not know, the screw heads on our beloved Cruisers are not in fact Philips head, they are Japanese Industrial Standard or JIS heads. If you find it hard to remove screws on your truck without stripping them, it's because we are not using the correct screwdrivers.

After the discussion at the meeting last Wednesday, it appears that no one in the group owns a JIS screwdriver. I was looking into purchasing one or a set and thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone else wants to get in on it to shave down the shipping costs because you can't just buy these at the local Canadian Tire. I believe Toyota stills sells them, but when I went to my local dealership about a year ago to enquire, the guy looked at me like I was a bit out to lunch.

Anyway, from the basic research I have done online, it seems like Vessel Tools is pretty much the only brand out there. http://www.vesseltools.com/hand-tools/screwdrivers/screwdriver-sets/view-all-products.html

I think the only real advantage to doing this as a group buy is to save on shipping but I will try to see if there could possibly be any discount for a large purchase. Buying one set of three screwdrivers is about $30 US for the set and another $24 US for shipping according to their shipping calculator. Each time I up the order by one more set, the shipping increases by around a dollar, so obviously the more that is purchased, the cheaper the shipping will be.

So, I am looking at getting the 900/KIT-P123 set for myself and possibly the 980 P3*150 impact driver as well.

900 Kit-P123.JPG
980 Impact.JPG

They have quite a selection so each of us could get whatever we wanted.

So, with all of that preamble over with, if you want to stop stripping screws, have a look at the website, decide what you want and post up. Try to post up the actual part number so the correct item is ordered. I will see about the possibility of a discount and once we have everyone's order I will post up the list to make sure we got it right and I will make the purchase and we can split whatever shipping costs there are.
I'm up for one set -
Same as what you're getting.
The official list.

Have your order in by end of day Monday Feb 2nd!

Updated Jan 26, 2015 6:30PM

1 - 900/KIT-P123....$29.15
1 - 980 P2*150.......$18.58
1 - 980 P3*150.......$19.36​


1 - 900/KIT-P123....$29.15​

1 - 900/KIT-P123....$29.15
1 - 980 P2*150.......$18.58
1 - 980 P3*150.......$19.36​

1 - 900/KIT-P123....$29.15
1 - 980 P2*150.......$18.58​

1 - 900/KIT-P123....$29.15
1 - 980 P2*150.......$18.58​

1 - 900/KIT-P123....$29.15
1 - 980 P3*150.......$19.36​

1 - 900/KIT-P123....$29.15
1 - 980 P3*150.......$19.36​
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i want same as char and u
I'd like the 900 kit P123 as well as the 980 P2 150 and 980 P3 150. I could send Charla or Tyler the funds to cover if that works.
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List has been updated.

No problem Curtis, we can make it work in today's modern age. Also if there is anyone from Calgary or Fort McMurray who is interested we could also make that work.

Jason and Curtis have me wondering if I am getting the right impact driver. I chose the P3 because it is the one included in the motor cycle repair kit, but I want the size that is most common for the Cruiser. Maybe the P3 is too big. Maybe I should get the P2...

Tyler, you don't want an impact driver?
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I have an impact driver but would like the bits if they are
It's not your typical impact driver like you are thinking. It is a screwdriver that you whack the end of and it turns 12 degrees to loosen the screw.

"The proprietary Tang-Thru nut incorporates a cam rotation mechanism, which turns the driving tip counter-clockwise by 12° when the handle is hit with a hammer."​

This is the link to the impact screwdrivers.


You may be thinking of something like this.

Ya I know exactly what you mean and what it is. All I'm saying is I have an impact driver and need the bits. The JIS bits
I'll get the same as Jason please.
If I'm not too late, Same as Larry Please.
List updated.

Tyler, they do have bits. Have a look at the second link I posted and see if any of those will fit.
When are you placing the order and when would you like $? I'll look at the links you included. I may want to add an item.
I'll take the 900 kit P123 and a 980 P3*150 please.

P3 should fit the screws at the top of the 40 series windshield where the side bars for the top attach? You know.... that little angle bracket thing.... they always rust up and an impact driver there is handy.
List updated.

Charla, I'm thinking I will make the order next weekish. We haven't heard from Steve or Hosam or Mike so not sure if they've seen this but don't want in or what. As far as making changes, go ahead, I will update the list. I will pay for the items and then we will work out the final cost per person with exchange and shipping. I have no issues with that, I'm a pretty trusting guy. I might have an issue if Mike gets on board though. He loses his wallet a lot.

There is a thread here from 2013ish that says there is a 10% discount if you enter IH8MUD as a coupon code, but I tried and it did not work, so I will contact them before I order to see if we can get that 10% discount.

Kevin, I don't know about the sizes. I'm just guessing myself and am debating getting the P2 as well. But for me, if I need to I could borrow Jason's P2 if I had to. I'm thinking a P3 would be the size that would fit the windshield or hood hinge screws. I'm also thinking that you have to have room to swing a hammer to use these impact drivers so they might not be too useful in tight areas.

Oh, just thought of another use for the P3. Those huge screws in the bed of the 45 that hold the mystery access panels. I think I've been able to break one free, but the rest are not giving in.
Larry - cancel my order please.

Thanks :)
Good news everyone!

I got an e-mail today back from JDV Products and it sounds like we may get as much as a 15% discount on our order. The salesperson, Larry Konight, also will give us a few shipping options in order to save a bit more that way, so feel free to order more.

I am going to delay the order a bit because he says they are out of one of the drivers for the kits, but they will be there on Feb 2nd, so not much use putting in the order before then.

The last day to get in on this will be Feb 2nd. Have your name on the list by then so I can place the order on Feb 3rd.

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