Jinkies! FJ60 steering column u-joint info

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Jun 3, 2004
Northern Colorado
Cruiser Dan and his crew do it again!!!

So I was working on my FJ60 PS conversion on the 40 today.

We are making a steering column out of FJ40, 55, and 60 columns.

I was trying to find replacement u-joints for the 55 and 60 columns.

Local Toyota dealer asked if I was looking for the rubber disc (40 rag joint ) After we switch to the 55 he says he does not have them, but the 55 and 60 use the same u-joint. Cool to know!

So I go to an industrial supply, and NAPA. No one lists these by application, they wanted to measure them.

I call down to American Toyota in ABQ. C-Dan is not in, but one of his boys gets on the phone and says they were just talking about these joints, and they are the same as a u-joint in the driveshaft of a early Corrola - 1200 cc model. So I bounce into the next parts store (Carquest) and ask for a u-joint for driveshaft of an early 1200 cc Corolla, and SHAZAM! She has them in stock and they fit!

Little things like this make my day.

Cruiser Dan and his crew rock - thanks a million!
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Ah, sorry for the repost. I just love finding little tidbits like that - almost as much as I love finding the parts that I want on a Saturday afternoon!

We just used a hammer and a vice, they went in fine...
i wouldn't call that one a repost, unless i read the other post wrong no one mentioned the 1200 cc Corolla. by the way what year was the corolla?
Yeah this is good info Pablo.THanks.. I heard they were the same as the corollas but ordered Toyota ones. That is cool the ones you got have a zerk fitting in them.

What happen when i broke the first one I did was I was hammer the end through and as it came down it was not lined up perfectly with the end of the spyder joint and broke all the little rollers inside so it wouldn't move.

You still have the part number on the box from Carquest?
Took me a while to map all this information to the Australian market...

... but after a bit of researching found all of the information. Don't want to miss making it easier for some of you guys as I have read up so many infos in this great forum...

all of the u-joints can be found here, including x-mapping of different makes...


GUT-11 20 57 04371-10011 GUT11 T2057 UJ212

I ended up using a Toyo u-joint Part Number K5A517 which is also used in a KE701981 Corolla....

hope it helps any of you

87 fj60

Will those Corolla u-joints fit in an 87 FJ60? I had heard that the steering column changed in 85. Is this true?
I do know the splines changed from a course to a really fine spline.

The U-Joints look the same to me. I did not put a micrometer on it to measure though.

Which splines are you talking about?

The splines where the intermediate shaft meeting the column at the firewall and at the steering box? These are fine.

Or the splines where the intermediate shaft collapses? Those are coarse.

You can see pics of some of the splines in my 60 series PS thread: https://forum.ih8mud.com/co-wy-hors...g-conversion-fj40-while-keeping-air-pump.html
Precision U-joint # 395


Spicer # 5-1500-1X

1970 Toyota Corolla with a 1200cc


You guys caught me sitting at my desk where I have my Cruiser files...

I found my carquest reciept. It lists p/n U/J 1-0011 "u-joint repair kit"

That looks like a pretty generic p/n to me.

I think I would go with Cali's Spicer p/n
i wouldn't call that one a repost, unless i read the other post wrong no one mentioned the 1200 cc Corolla. by the way what year was the corolla?

1967 to some early 70's year...

Looking at this thread again - looks like the U Joints are the same as ones used on a driveshaft of a 68 to 74 Corolla with the 1200CC engine.

napaonline.com does not show a 1200 cc option for a '68 & '69 Corolla (shows 1.1 L), but they show PUJ 395 as the u-joint...

1970 shows a 1.2 L, but also pulls PUJ 395 as u-joint.

1971 and up shows a 1.6L and a 1.2L version of Corolla: 1.6L pulls different p/n (PUJ 394)

In 1975 they made the 1.2 and the 1.6L pull the same p/n u-joint: PUJ 394 which is 1.024"

We want PUJ 395 for our steering columns, which is 0.788"
pablo, thank you for the great info in this link, I was wondering where to find them and just bought a pair of puj 395's from Napa... still a good number and item.


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