Jim C - Where for art thou?

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Spike Strip

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Nov 22, 2005
I'd like to send a Dizzy and Carb off for the esoteric Jim C. rebuild, but can't seem to find that elusive Ohio address...

Emails go unanswered.... :crybaby:

Jim C, where to send ?
Muchas gracias, Senior.
Does anyone have a phone number for Jim? I need to send him a carb asap.
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is this the FAMOUS 2F carb. rebuilder? The one that charges a little over 300 to rebuild and test the carb. on his rig b-4 shipping back 2 you? That JIM C?

I need 2 know cuzz my 11 mpg is killing me and its kinda hard 2 start even with the choke on. :mad:

I'm hoping at least 13.5 miles or better with the rebuild ....Please advise...
This is indeed the same- I just sent him my carb yesterday so he can work his voodoo carb magic. :clap:
Contact info above is correct.

I'm working in the shop, which means the phone doesn't get answered much.
Change your caller ID so it says something like 'Jennifer's Candy Shack' and I might get out from under a truck & answer it.
yep...Jim C. can't work and be on the phone........the 2 rebuilds I have from jim including dizzy improved gas milage from 9-10 mpg to 15-16 mpg of course this also included complete tune up with new plugs <old ones were not bad; nice tan color> new wires....<old ones were not bad> and valve adjustment.......did it anyway although they were not giving problems.......just my compulsive nature I guess and not wanting to go over things again.....my 0.02

What's the normal turn around time on a carb rebuild?

See, I told you he was more sought-after than a green card at a chicken plant... :hillbilly::wrench:;)

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