AltFuel Jet B in a diesel

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Apr 4, 2011
Yukon Territory
I have access to some aviation use expired Jet B from time to time.
I have used Jet A1 from time to time when I lived in warmer areas
but I have never used Jet B.

Has anyone used it? Did you use an additive for increased lubricity?

I certainly notice the difference in the winter when occasionally
we end up with Jet A which is not really usable below -30C
The helicopter will barely start sometimes. Jet B it fires right right up.
I use JetB in my winter fuel mix of ULSD, UVO and Biodiesel. In temperatures above 20°C the petrol component in JetB boils out of the mix in the injectors at shutdown and the engine won't start unless it's had about 10 minutes to cool down. In the summer I omit JetB from the mix and quick restart is never a problem.
Jet A or A-1 might nor light well in the cold for some engines. The condition of the engine, preheat and nozzle atomization for a diesel will determine how well. In the case of aviation turbine (not jet in this case) the fuel is initially lite with high energy spark so not compression ignition.

Jet A is lighter than diesel and has less lubricity, Jet B less than Jet A. Burns just fine in a compression ignition but I would add a fuel lube like 2 stroke, SVO (WVO) or motor oil.

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