JDM Truck with a BC Assigned VIN. Any experience importing to US?

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Nov 12, 2014
Any experience with importing a JDM car to the US from Canada with a British Columbia Assigned VIN?

Is it possible?
I can tell you that it has been done in the past but I do not know what the current climate is.
It was fine in my case. Of the three vehicles I have imported from Canada, the border crossing/importation has been the easiest part of the process. The only place that the BC assigned VIN has been a problem is with my insurance company; they don't think that the VIN is correct. I think they would have a fit if I gave them the 14-digit Japanese VIN. :)
Nope. If it is older than 25 years (to the month) then no letter of compliance is needed. RHD isn't any problem, either.
Yeah, you won't get a letter of compliance for a foreign market Cruiser, because they don't comply. :) Good luck on your importation!
Well, denied at the border. Now what? Staying at a hotel in surrey, thinking my only option is to scrap the cruiser and go home. Help! They say the issue is the BC vin and "having two vins".
Find a ‘Mud member nearby that will store it for awhile until you can work things out?

Otherwise, ignore the original VIN and use the BC one only? Or vice versa?
Bummer, thats a drag! I have only ever imported running driving vehicles, so I don't know if there are other rules that apply to non runners.
Do you have a Canadian registration for it? Bill of sale? Both of those should have the BC vin on them, and Customs should only need to see that vin on the vehicle.
Yep I have all of those things. They told me that the BC Vin is considered illegal VIN tampering. They also told me that the VIN does not show up in the ICBC vin check, which is not true. Can I try again? Or is the first "no" the last one?
Thats ridiculous. According to this document, once a BC assigned vin is legally attached to the vehicle, that becomes the valid vin for North America. I would try again, and show them this:


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The trick will be getting the right guy or gal to talk to.........
I was denied again this morning, and was asked to get verification that it's not a salvage vehicle, as well as proof of transfer of vin from manufacturer vin to BC assigned vin. I got those documents and am now in line at Pacific crossing again. Hope this goes well!
What a circus.

I wonder how much dope got through while they were busy fending you off.......
Always great fun when one government branch is completely clueless about the regulations of another government branch that affects their work...
Well, I'm back home in Portland, and I've got the HJ61 with me. I shouldn't have had to jump through the hoops that I did, but I made it! I'll post some hopefully useful information to this thread in the near future.

The HJ61 is a bit rough, and is certainly a long-term project, but I'm really looking forward to the day I get to drive it!
Congratulations! Glad to hear you survived the border bureaucracy. Somehow border crossing officials always assume that you're trying to do something that you shouldn't!

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