JDM rear tire carrier broken

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Nov 3, 2008
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I just switched out my snow tires for 35" "summer" tires. I also fitted a 35" spare on the swing-out carrier. These weigh a bit more than my 285/75R16 snow tires.

This weekend I went to open the tire carrier and the bottom tube broke about 6" from the hinge. I knew it had been previously repaired but has now rusted through. The repair area was welded but not coated with anything - allowing rust to go right through.

I took off the heavy spare and will be grinding and welding and rust proofing. Hopefully the tubing is not bent so I can get a good weld bead in there. Otherwise I'll have to sleeve it for extra support.

On a related note, what's the best way of lubing the carrier bushings? I notice each one has a small hole on the inside (when opened). On my Nissan, I used a syringe to squirt oil in those holes for internal lubrication. Same thing on the LC?
Here's some pics...
Yikes that sucks. Should be repairable. Good Luck :)
use the hinges, and make your own.
If your storing oversized tires on your spare rack i would try to shorten it up as much as possilbe to minimize the bending moment, i have no idea what is behind the sheetmetal. I am sure there are many constraints that you will have to work around, for lights, plates etc. also dont want the tire sticking out past the rear 1/4 panels, cruisers are big enough as they are. also probally hurt your mpg.

so you got an 80 with a swing out tire carrier, can you post a rear shot of your rig?

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