JDM Paint Colour Codes and Compatibility?

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Apr 3, 2006
Laurentians North of Montreal, QC
Hey Folks,

I'm looking to acquire a rattle can or touch up paint tube for after winter touch ups on my HDJ81. You know, repairing the chips taken out by gravel impact (especially on the hood) during winter :mad:.

My truck is the common dark grey-blue (I call it 'bluish charcoal')

Does anyone know of an existing paint code for this colour?

Here's a couple samples. The original pictures were taken under an overcast sky, so there is very little in terms of shadow colour casts and the contrast level is fairly low, but it should prove an advantage for those of you who have super high contrast LCD monitors. I know the colour is not exact, but I've made an effort to match it as close as possible on my colour-corrected monitor as to how I perceive it on the truck (after reviwing this post I notice the second picture is slightly too magenta and the first although closer to reality, maybe slightly too green - in my gamma and colour corrected picture app they look pretty much alike).

I've since looked at the firewall like Wayne suggested ion another post, colour code is 183 - Anything at Canadian Tire that is similar? I am trying to avoid having a batch of paint custom made, it's only for touch ups...

I've since found out it was a fairly common colour in North America on Celicas as well as Landcruisers and Lexus as well in the States (it's called Blue Slate Metallic on the PPG website), so I'm a bit reassured I'll find something that matches. I'll let you know if I find anythying at Crappy Tire ;) (usually their colour selection is pretty dismal).
Colour Sample 1.jpg
Colour Sample 2.jpg
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Go to Napa

You can get the paint in a rattle can or touch up bottle.... I think it was around $15.00

Thanks! I'll pass by next time I go through 'the Big City';)

Colour code should be on the original vin plate under the hood.
That is where I found my paint code.

Funny thing though I find I have to buy the paint cause other people won't stop hitting my truck..
I've got the same problem. So many marks already. I've been thinking of fitting my 80 with complete body armor....

I figured after pondering this for a while.

That as people are manuvering around my truck that they all of a sudden realize it is RHD.. In their excitement they hit my truck with what ever they are driving upon this realization.

Then I have to go get paint.. Fortunatly only bumpers are dented to date.
Then I have to go get paint.. Fortunatly only bumpers are dented to date.

I know what you mean... I have a scuff on the clearcoat of the fender flare and a scuff on the bumper from bumping into my Ex's Blazer, she got a dent in the quarter panel and a broken plastic bumperete during the 'exchange' :D

If it's the bumper only, notice how the paint looks like a dark bronze colour, I found an existing Mazda color that fits just perfect (you would just need to clearcoat it to get the exact sheen afterwards) from a store rattle can, Plasti-kote 5504 Mazda.

As for the other paint, haven't tried yet (don't need it, just need to fill in the gravel damage from this winter, mostly on the hood), I had it made in the States for $20 for the spray can, $5.00 for the touch-up jar. I ended up buying chassis enamel as well to touch up gravel damage on the axles and frame after winter.... Want to keep it spotless!

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