JDM Fabric

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ATL Cruiser

Aug 1, 2022
Atlanta, GA
This is a massive long shot, but I figured I'd ask, because it's easy. Has anyone found the original JDM ZX fabric?

I've looked about everywhere online, including SMS. My budget is high.

I on't know about the original fabric, but almost any auto-upholstery place could help; otherwise try Sail-Rite who sell all kinds of fabric for awnings and boat seats, etc.
So I tracked down the grey fabric. @FJ73Texas let me know that Toyota used the grey tweed cloth in many 80-series, so I just bought an entire interior out of a wrecked 1991 80-series. I will cut up and repurpose that cloth for my jumpseats.


The blue cloth I'm still tracking down.

This does bring me to a broader question. Apart from scouring eBay listings, how would one know that 77's and 80-series shared the same cloth interior? I bet Toyota has an interchange showing which fabric was used across the various vehicle lines...

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