jb weld on a thermostat housing?

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Mar 15, 2005
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While replacing my water pump tonight on my 2f (fj60, 1982) I noticed a hairline crack on the bolt tab of the upper engine side of the t-stat housing. Is this something that could be fixed with jb weld or should I fork over $$ for a fresh one? Its not broken yet, just cracked. It might still work as is but I'm not sure I want to trust it on a long trip.

You can use JB Weld for days or years until it gives up. I've had luck with it in the past but some people haven't. Its fine to use as an emergency repair but I would really look for a replacement even if its a good used one.
What he said. The crack will grow, just depends on when. If the crack is not thretening to grow into the housing toward the water chamber then maybe not so urgent.

I do not have a crack in mine, but the threads on one ear are repaired with something similar. Was in a hurry when it happened and haven't gotten around to installing the spare I have sitting in the garage.

The original lasted 35 years. It's tired so why risk it. Get a new OEM housing and never worry about it again.
It was over-torqued.

You could prolly get a good used one in the parts / parting section for $25.

I wouldn't rely on JB - I'd rather take it off and get it welded, but for that cost you're better off finding a good one, used, or just buy new. There are non-USA lower housings that do not have the fitting for the BVSVs if you're desmog'd.
not a jb weld fix when the part is not expensive and critical to the cooling of your engine.
Didnt work for me. I ordered a used housing from ebay. The heat from the coolant killed that idea the next day. Lesson learned
Guys,.. this jinxed me, i think this threads haunted. i just over torqued the bolt and now need a lower thermostat housing. AND I STARTED MIXING THE JB.... then realized i dont want to remove everything again once it doesnt work, cause def wont. hahah

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