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Mar 11, 2009
North Shore, British Columbia, Canada.
Here is the front bumper that Jason built for my HDJ81.
It utilizes the factory winch. He kept it clean and the winch is neatly hidden between the frame rails and tucked out of sight.

With CB antenae mount, license plate mount & off road light mounts it has everything I need.

I like the way the upper bars do not impede the headlights or turn signals. The winch anchor points are super beefy and are the same steel that bolts to the frame.

The grille was left fully un molested which is nice.

I had a couple of recessed beer/cup holders lying around that he was kind enough to install for me so no more downed soldiers!:clap:

I upgrade to Amsteel blue synthetic line and aluminum Hawse fairlead (jason predilled and tapped for both roller fairlead and hawse so I had the option) i like the clean look of the Hawse.
With a snatch block the 8500 lb winch works great.

Sorry about the snow, I know it doesnt help the photos....

The blue power cable coming out of the front grille hanging in one of the cup holders is for my oil pan heater.

For more details on the steel and construction please ask Jason. I just helped with some of the design and paid the bill.:grinpimp:

In case anyone doesnt know who Cruisin is... Jason produces awesome armour and accessories, has an amazing ability to put a tape measure to a truck and get the measurements and angles correct. Fabricting and welding is very impressive and thouroughly tested so theres no limit to what he could do... Hes got my vote.




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