Japs 80s clutch parts supplier !

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Dec 31, 2007
Québec, Canada

I'm writing from Canada, I have a Land Cruiser HZJ81V I imported from Japan, right hand drive in 2008.
The clutch had a problem since I got the Cruiser at 77.000 km, it has now 145.000 km. Vibrations during and wen releasing if hot and a funny noise when releasing in neutral gear too quickly that is disappearing if reapply and released slowly '' not always does it ''. There is also a bit of oil between the engine and transmission.
I think I have to replace everything + oil seal ?
Here is the information that is listed on the plate of the engine compartment.

Model = U-HZJ81V-RNMNS
Engine = 1HZ
Frame = HZJ81-0000369
Trans \ = H150F Axle K294
Plan \ Built = A-11

I inquired in Australia for that brand of clutch '' 4 TERRAIN '' and the dealer is asking me to confirm to him
the diameter is 275mm ?
and the spline size. 21spline x 29mm

Is there a way to confirm does figure without puling the clutch out ?
Is there a North American supplier of the clutch and oder parts I need to fit my Cruiser or do I need to import from Japan ?
Try the diesel section, you'll have better luck there. Welcome to mud!

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