Japanese HJ61VX Stock Rims?

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Apr 13, 2011
Hey Folks,

I am working on having a 1988 HJ61VX imported from Japan, and I wanted to know if any of you can confirm what the stock rim was? I know Specter sells used versions of the non-USA Sahara rim, but I was unsure which dimension went on this version of the car: either 15x7 or 16x5.5.

Much thanks,

Is this 61 unlifted which is rare in a JDM just about everyone over there is lifted with big tires but I would assume the stock rim and tire would be the same as our FJ 60/62s I can't recall seeing one sporting stock rims and tires in auction in all the years I have been watching their auctions.
EPC for JDM HJ61 says 15x7
Thanks for all the replies.

This 61 is lifted, and looks to be running 16" wheels with what appear to be 34-35" BFG Muds. I'll be looking to return the vehicle to stock height and will be seeking out the original rims as well (should be an interesting search). I had a hunch it was 15x7, that's the way I'll go.



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