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Dec 29, 2020
South America
I do not live in the usa and i have a land cruiser fj40 1976 direct import from japan
So i did work on the brake system and on my brakes (all 4 are drum brakes) the springs were both behind the shoes. In the manual the left spring is behind the shoes and the right spring is in front of the shoes. So i change all the brakes to how it is in the manual.

Today the bleeder screw was leaking and i stripped it (find out it was not the right bleeder screw) i got it back in and tried going into town to get parts. Got there but on the way back the bleeder screw blew out and i had to go to the mechanic.
He said that both springs go behind the shoes.

Question is:
Which way is right on the Japanese land cruiser?
And what is the reason?

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