Jamboree Pics

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Hot Damn
Dec 20, 2004
Brandon, MS
Alright let's see em' We had a blast! Sani was grinning from ear to ear. It was a lot of fun seeing him wheel and helping him understand the capabilities of his truck. All of you guys that have never wheeled need to make one of these trips so you can see what your truck can do.

Great fun! Here's some pictures.
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Brian makes Twister.
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Jeff cheated a little bit... by driving Kowboy's rig.
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Fro beatin on the beater.
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That's right, it's a Super Duty.
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I didn't get enough pictures of Sani. Hopefully someone else did.
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that's a weekend right there!......it was awesome…greatest time…even got a little scar on my side panel!!...for some reason I just can’t post pictures though.

Greg, sent you some to your email if you wanna try to post them.

Thanks for everybody’s help getting the rookie through (brake lines, tires, tools, dry cloths….)
man that looks like awesome fun...
can't wait for my first trip...
I miss it already
Hey guys, great pictures! Not to be a wet blanket, but Toyota Trails will not publish any pictures that have been posted, nor will most other magazines that are providing coverage.

We are setting up a site to upload pictures. I would ask that if you think you have a magazine quality picture please do not post it or host it; otherwise it will not be eligible for publishing.

We (Toyota Trail Riders) would also like to secure copies of everyone's pictures to make a slideshow for our sponsors.

I will have more info on handling pictures soon.... Thanks!

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