Jag tonight

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Nov 7, 2002
Pacific NorthWest
Wife just told me she saw a quick shot of a red 40 in a preview for tonights episode of Jag (west coast).

Now I have to watch. Anyone ever seen that show? Never seen it myself.
the only clip i've ever seen of it involved a rather *well bilt* female pilot changing in front of the two jag people. read-almost full rear nudity with a nice flash of one side of a breast. i was impressed for prime time network tv.
cruiser showup quite often on this show. Any time they deal with the mid east or south america. Only problem with last nights show was the said they ran the cruiser in the ground and it couldn't make another 20 miles. We all kow that can't happen ::)
I saw the show. I had newer thout of hideing a gun there. ;) It sounded deisel to me. I liked the bullet holes in the winsheild.
OK, Where'd they hide the gun....I need Ideas
It looked to be an ak or a sks and it was behind the kick pannle.
Kick panel?

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