"J" OME springs??

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May 30, 2003
Asheville, NC
Sorry if this is a totaly noob question, but I searched several different sites including this one and couldn't find the answer. What's the difference between the 850/850J and the 863/863J besides one is front/rear ??? :p I'm going to assume its probably length of the coil. By process of elimination I know its not a heavy load vs. medium load issue. I'm guessing that the extra 1" between the 2.5" and the 5" lift (with 1.5" spacers) on Christo's site is where the "J" comes in... am I smoking crack or what?

Notice I still own a 60 so give me a break! :flipoff2: :D
Put yer pipe down for a sec..... :slap:

The J springs are taller by about an inch. the "rate" is the same.
Thanks C-dan.

Does that extra 1" induce any driveline vibs, or are there any other components that NEED to be changed in order to maintain proper angles/tolerances.

Any changes to the original vehicle geometry can introduce problems including drive line vibrations. There are a *lot* of variables including the normal load your truck is carrying. Winches, front bumpers, 2nd batteries, aux fuel tanks, heavy steel roof racks, etc. All these change the overall height of the truck and the angles. Adding taller springs changes things the other way. The other major variable is the condition of the driveline components; U-joints and all the drivetrain bearings.

Some people get vibrations with the additional 1" of the J-springs and some don't.

I just have the old heavy springs. With 50mm of lift it was drivable without the caster kit, but I was hesitant to let others drive it because it was darty and a handfull when it started jumping around. I installed the caster kit and it's OK again. I have to think that the J springs without the caster kit would be a chore to drive.
The rear load sensing proportioning valve would have to be adjusted for sure.
Stock shocks would be pretty much maxed out.
Brake lines, steering angles and panhard angles are OK, I think. They could be improved, as could sway bar link angles, but I don't know if you would have to.
Driveline vibes, like B-wulf said, would have a lot of variables.

Mostly just speculation on my part. I'm just trying to pad the 80s list count. We seemed to have stalled a little at about 250. :D
Thanks for the info guys. I would not attempt this install by myself, so I'm going to let a professional like Christo handle it when I get to that point. I'm jumping ahead of myself...I need to get an 80 first... die 60 die :slap:

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