I've just discovered Bondo

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Feb 16, 2005
Spokane, WA
No, not for me to use, but in place on both driver's side doors :mad:

Found it while (yes, still very carefully) pulling off the black trim that sits about 1/3 of the way up the doors. Paint still managed to come off with it and expose some lovely yellow-is Bondo underneath.

So should I just mask the area, prime it and hit it with some OEM touch up paint? I am planning on doing bedliner that would cover the area, but I don't want to have big exposed yellow blotches on it until then, because it could still be a long time.
any idea how big the patch of bondo is or how thick? If it's just a thin coat i wouldn't worry, but if it's a big glob of it - you might have issues later with it coming off under your bedliner.



It looks pretty thin, but it's a long, narrow portion on each door. Looks like it was used to level off a shallow dent or scrape. It's still on there pretty solid from what I can tell, so I'll just seal it off for now and call it good. I never even could tell there was anything when looking at the other side of the sheet metal last time I had my doors apart.

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