I've hit a wall. ( figuratively)

Mar 30, 2003
OK, this is where I am:
1975 FJ 40, frame off, converted both the front and back to disk, front is mini-truck conversion. Back is monte carlo caliphers.

? Rear caliper brake lines, what do I need. looks like a banjo fitting on disk side, 10MM on the hard line side, right?
?Front disk, this looks like a screw in fitting, not a banjo bolt, actually a hardline to the bracket that mates the hardline to the flex line of the LC at the Mini backing plate, but the flex line is damaged and too short - now what?
?I had the minitruck steering arm tie rod holes welded shut and redrilled to accept the LC tie rods, bought a new tie rod and assembled everything, lo and behold it certainly looks like I have significant toe-out, even with the tie rod screwed as tight as possible, what have I done wrong this time?

A blessing of the Mystic Knights of the Sea on your ancestors if you can help me out.

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