I've finally found a decent solution for BT audio in my 06 with NAV

Apr 8, 2009
New Lenox, IL
EDIT: Added section for "products that I have been made aware of since posting"
I will keep updating this post as I become aware of other options

Maybe my observations and experience with these audio devices can help save time and money for others. They are all under $100 each. Some much closer to $0 than $100

I just wanted a way to get decent quality audio to my speakers. I didn't want to spend money on a device that offers more than I need for considerably more money. I also like for the interior to remain stock looking and with no wires to connect to my phone for audio transfer.

*****These are the devices I've tried for audio transfer up to this point*****

I tried using an FM transmitter that plugs into the lighter socket. ~$20
  • It was convenient enough as far as connectivity, volume control, pausing, and skipping tracks.
  • The audio was missing low HZ and very high HZ. Mid bass sounded too "punchy".
  • On long drives I would always eventually get a station that overpowers my transmitter and then I have to find a new station on both the transmitter and on my radio.
  • I didn't like having this contraption sticking out from the lighter socket. If I used the socket in the center console this thing would occupy way too much of my already limited valuable real estate
I tried using a Bluetooth Cassette adapter ~$25
  • This seemed pretty convenient and not an eyesore
  • I can control pause/play from the button hanging out the cassette opening
  • The device has an internal battery that needs charging every 6 to 8 hours and you cannot use this device while charging.
  • The audio was worse than the FM transmitter. I cleaned the cassette player thinking that was the problem- no change. Exchanged it for another- no change
  • The mid bass was very "punchy". Low and high HZ were missing.
  • No control for skipping songs/tracks.
I tried a regular wired old school Cassette adapter ~$10 (already had one)
  • Reliable
  • Easy to connect with attached wire
  • The phone I use for music has USB-C audio so I needed to use an adapter
  • Similar audio quality issues with the above adapters
  • A wire has to be physically attached to the phone/device

*****Some options I am aware of but did not choose*****

Grom V Line VL2 ~$500 Maybe there are better prices?
  • This sounds like an excellent option for audio transfer and screen mirroring. I don't recall hearing many complaints on Mud about this device
  • I don't have much use at the moment for the screen mirroring therefor the price doesn't justify this option for me. Maybe someday.
Replace the factory NAV unit and install aftermarket stereo >$1000
  • The non NAV factory pieces are expensive to round up and availability of all parts looked questionable when I researched
  • I can't justify this option at the moment when I am only after Bluetooth audio.
  • I'm not a huge fan of aftermarket head units- especially in a truck that is already at peak aesthetic perfection ;)
Install plug and play android/Tesla looking screen ~$400 and up
  • I actually pondered this option for a while. I would personally choose the smaller screen rather than the giant tall ones because I prefer a closer to factory look.
  • These setups can be pretty glitchy and very different from each other even though they all look similar or have the same Android version.
  • I have one in my 05 'Coma and I don't think I want to go this route in my 100. Sometimes it works great and sometimes it's laggy/unresponsive/has connectivity issues.
  • Relying on two andriod devices (phone and screen) to cooperate is asking a lot for me. The screen in my 05 has proven this
  • In the 06-07 model 100 series it sounds like the climate control integration can be hit or miss.
Remove factory cassette deck and install aftermarket single DIN media receiver ~$50 on the cheap end?
  • I am really not into the look of this setup and wanted to retain a factory looking dash...or at least a modernized factory look like the android screen offers

*****Products that I have been made aware of since this post*****

USASPEC BT45-TOY ~$241 MSRP ( can probably find cheaper)
  • Product appears to be plug and play
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Includes microphone for hands free bluetooth calls in case your vehicle doesn't already have this
  • Aux and usb inputs
  • Retains use of factory CD/DVD and rear seat entertainment
  • I am not sure if factory steering wheel controls work with this and have no feedback on this product

****Here is the setup I've found works for me right now*****

Yatour bluetooth adapter ~$80 (They are out there for much cheaper but this one was in the US with free returns)
Yatour "Y" adapter cable ~$16 (Only needed if you want to keep your existing CD/DVD changer operational)

  • This module basically duplicates how a factory CD changer interacts with the vehicle
  • Your stereo has to have the CD changer plug. I would imagine it was standard on 100 series but check yours if you don't have a changer!
  • It plugs into the back of the radio/cassette unit where the factory CD/DVD changer plug goes. I added a "Y" cable to keep the operation of my existing factory CD/DVD changer in the center console. Pushing the disc button on the stereo will switch between the factory CD/DVD and this bluetooth device.
  • I can control volume/songs/tracks with my steering wheel controls.
  • Audio quality sounds great as if I were playing a CD through the changer. Proper volume and highs/lows.
  • When the source is changed or ignition switched off the music will pause (using rocketplayer or spotify).
  • Turning the ignition on, I found the music resumes if I hit track up button on the steering wheel.
  • I did not install the microphone or aux cable with this module since I don't have any need to.
  • There is a USB port for playing files. I haven't tried this and don't really have much interest in it.
  • Two bluetooth devices can be connected at once. One person can take over audio as soon as the first person pauses/stops their music. This seems like a cool feature for long drives with passengers. I wasn't aware of this until I finally read the instructions and verified with two phones connected.
I will update this post if I find any problems or shortcomings of this product. For now I like it.

Everything except the "Y" cable on the bottom right is included


The CD/Disc changer plug at the bottom of the stereo, closest to you, slightly backed out, is where this module plugs in.


Module installed with "Y" cable


I tucked the module above the dash harness. It's not jammed in there but still snug enough to stay put. There are better ways of doing this.


This is how the audio is displayed. Notice it is not displaying any track/artist/album info


Thats about it for now. This seems like the best option for me since I was after good quality Bluetooth audio with proper volume, not too pricey, no FM transmitting, retain factory look/feel, no plugging in phone to connect.
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Dec 28, 2021
ATL Shawty
This is so cool! I didn't know USA Spec was licensing these out to Yatour now. Sweet! Now we can scoop them up cheaper and not have to pay the nameplate tax. Awesomesauce.
Apr 8, 2009
New Lenox, IL
This is so cool! I didn't know USA Spec was licensing these out to Yatour now. Sweet! Now we can scoop them up cheaper and not have to pay the nameplate tax. Awesomesauce.
I wasn't aware of usaspec making these. I just checked their site and it looks like the same features. I'll add usaspec to the original post for awareness. thanks
Apr 8, 2009
New Lenox, IL
I paid $80 for module and $16 for the "Y" cable to retain use of my factory CD/DVD changer. You can find these for much cheaper if you are willing to wait/gamble on shipping from China.
Feb 13, 2022
Houston, TX
I use the same setup as OP. the issues I found after few months usage:
1) if you phone is not in range the device will keep beeping every 10-30s, very annoy.
2) sometimes the mic is not working. it is the software issue. you phone call will drop if you answer the phone with BT adapter mic. It can be fixed by disconnecting battery.
3) sometimes the sound quality is not very good. it is like AM sound not CD sound. but most of time it is OK. I still don't know why.

the good part:
1) not expensive, easy to install
2) the delay is very small. better than most carplay HU.


Sep 24, 2017
Since you have a good list of all the options, you can also swap out just the radio with a single din head unit and use a 68 ohm resistor to keep the nav system happy.
Apr 8, 2009
New Lenox, IL
Since you have a good list of all the options, you can also swap out just the radio with a single din head unit and use a 68 ohm resistor to keep the nav system happy.
Thanks for pointing out this option. I came across this option a few times but I personally wasn't into this setup. I added it to the list.
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