it's too quiet...

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Mar 26, 2009
not much chatter on here lately...

everyone is busy i assume. i'm going to finish school in 2 weeks, starting to think about may long... would be nice to go camping/wheeling.i know a nice place on the other side of kamloops, a bit of a drive though. does anyone know what it is usually like around nordegg mid-may? lots of snow? or is it usually gone by then?
i have a few projects that i am working on. an fj40 needs a water pump to be a runner, then i can get into the boby work.
i have a 3B that needs to be reassembled, got some new pistons/rings. gotta a turbo project on hold at work, hope to install it on the 3B. and if the gods were kind i would put this into to my pig.
... i also want to find a spare axle-housing to cut and turn for a spring over.
good thing my girlfriend left me, or i would not have time or money for any of these.
i'm not sure want project to concentrate on... do you rip apart a running truck to do a tonne of work or do you complete a non functional project?
anyway, i'll be in the garage drinking beer and wrenching if any of you guys are into this sort of activity let me know.

also, like i said i am looking for a spare front axle or even just the housing. i have some spare parts as well if ant one is looking.
I've been putzing away on my 3FE head, have the 2F in the garage to start tearing down... got to see what kind of shape it is in and what it well need to be ready for the EFI head. Been tracking down needed parts for the 62 in California. But I really need to be getting some writing pumped out for school. Thank goodness the term is done and I don't have to TA or anything anymore.
Yeah I'm finally winding down for 2 weeks, and then back to school for a 3 week long spring course :( .
I'm gonna pick up an F that's waiting for me to possibly rebuild. As for the axle housing...I may have something for you very soon. Or I can get one from Dan...he's got a few too many that he might want to get rid of! I'm in the middle of shipping a disk brake axle to do a complete swap for my front end. Then I need to source a mini-truck brake booster and what not.
I would be down for some wrenching!

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