Its that time of year for nostalgia of IH8MUD of yore...


Jul 7, 2005
Found wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down deep in a search...

Happy Holidays and dont forget to send him an invite to your holiday, I miss @fsusteve

FSUsteves claim to fame..

So I set my buddy's house on fire last nite...
For the record, I am retarded.

Went to an annual Christmas dinner party last nite, that one of the guys and his wife put on every year for some of the guys on his shift. Picture a large dining room table loaded with food, buffet style and small fawking candles outlining the edge. Sounds nice right? So I'm in line getting me some grub while holding a paper napkin under my plate, when I look down and notice my plate was on fire, I mean alot of fire. Apparently my napkin got a little too close to the burning pots of hell. So with my cat-like reflexes and years of firefighting skills, I throw my now fully envolved plate down on the plastic covered tabletop like a little bitch. Well this plastic cover must have been fireproofed in gasoline cause it lit up like a bad dream. Two of my so called buds across the table zeroed in on the situation and took appropriate action, they both dove to save the shrimp cocktail bowl, thanks assholes. So here I am patting the fire out with my bare hands while one of the wives tried blowing it out, apparently she missd that day in school that covered the whole fire triangle thingy. So this thing starts to really burn now, we're way beyond the whole polite, it's really nothing facade and going right into panic mode. We grab the burning tablecloth and all the ****ing food on it and run outside and throw it in the yard.
Now there was probably $200 in stone crab claws and jumbo shrimp on this thing, and the guy's wife prolly had 48 hrs of prep time involved so you can imagine how she took it. A buddy of mine walked over to me, handed me a beer and said his advice to me was to start drinking...heavily. I felt like s***, but in my defense, what's up with the candles on the edge of the table, I mean I'm no fire inspector but that can't be good.
Anyways there was no damage to the table or house, just some nasty smell and smoke in the house and about two dozen coworkers having a good time at my expense. I guess I won't be invited next year...

So how was your guys nite?


The Anti-Tech
Jan 14, 2005
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I tried to revive one of Noah's nut shaving threads from the depths of rChat TTT for a laugh, but the Black Hand deleted it insteadof moving it to sChat where is belonged:doh:
This one will be next then...

Dear Junk,

While posting about my Jeep, another forum member made a rude comment about my mother. I thought there were rules against such things. Could you please ban him?

Momma's boy :princess:

P.S. Please remove the offensive green man icon with the rude fingers.
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