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Hot Damn
Dec 20, 2004
Brandon, MS
2009 Southern Cruiser Crawl

The CottonLand Cruisers are moving the Southern Cruiser Crawl to the Superlift ORV park in Hot Springs, AR. The dates will be Oct 8-11 2009. Anyone that has been to Superlift knows how good the trails and facilities are so we look forward to the most successful Crawl to date. Yall make plans now to attend the Crawl 09! Deadline for registration is Sept 24. We won't tun anyone away but you might not get a t-shirt.

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Got word yesterday that we will have a band on Friday night! Matt Stell and the Crashers (opened for John D Hale at the Round up). We'll keep yall posted on registration. Hope yall can make the trip.

Talked to BJ at Superlift and he said that half of the RV spots are already booked for the Southern Cruiser Crawl (by Cruiserheads). Better make a call if you need one. Oct 8-11.

Registration is OPEN! Go to: Mississippi's Toyota 4x4 Enthusiast Club | Cotton Land Cruisers for registration details. Hope yall can make it over. It's sure to be a blast! There will be a thread on the CottonLand forum listing registered people. Deadline for registration is Sept 24. Not gonna turn anyone away but you might not get a t-shirt.

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Woot...cabin is reserved and registration is in the i just need to rob a bank for some gas money :)
Anyone else from STLCA? Roger? Rob? ...
I wish i could go :crybaby:
Anyone else from STLCA? Roger? Rob? ...

I already checked the fall soccer schedule and Melissa has a game scheduled for Saturday. I am sure that I will be missing out on a great event.
Don't think Rob will make it, his boss is on vacation then. I am waiting to register until I see how things are going to work out with my wife.
hope all is well and you guys can make it out. this is going to be a great event!
1 month from today you could be doing this.
Register now for the Crawl! 4x4 Events Sponsored by Cotton Land Cruisers
Have any of you guys wheeled at Superlift Offroad Park before? If you haven't this is the best time of year to attend. If you have'nt then you don't want to miss wheeling like this! Live band, great food, Sat TV so no games are missed! Top notch park with top notch entertainment! truly something to experience!
I am registered, will be going over Friday if nothing else goes wrong.
Good to hear Roger.

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