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May 14, 2004
The Great State of Texas
It took 4 months, 5 days and 15 1/2 hours to get the body work finished (and painted the correct color).
About 2 1/2 hours to put the ARB preventative armament on the front.
Two more weeks to get all the pieces and scheduling and ALL day to replace the front springs (had to paint all the pieces).

I'd include more pic's but I have to get a star first.

The BURT is finally back on the road.
New Springs 038b.jpg
looks great! I am getting ready to dig into my body work from the PO. Any advice, or theads that you found usefull?
The body work was done by a local body shop. I didn't have the time or the tools.
The damage was caused by the other driver who tried to cross the highway w/o looking. His insurance paid for it all. They totaled the truck and then I bought it back for $822. For what they paid for the truck, I was able to get it fixed, buy the ARB and might even get an H55f before it's all done.
Gary Schmauch <> was a lifesaver on parts. I just wish I had been closer so that I could have gotten the fender and hood from him. His prices are best on the Net.
Does the truck now have a salvage title? Also what exactly was done to the body in terms of repairs? Was the frame bent?

Its a good thing our stock bumpers are so strong... it looks like it did a lot :doh: How did the damage happen?
Zack, No salvage title. One of the things I fought about was not having a "salvage" title. They said they would only put a "savage" on the title if it had damage that you make it unsafe. The insurance company just based their repair estimate on a very low-ball value. The "lost claim" department actually researched the current value of a like vehicle and came up w/ a lot more money. No real damage to the frame. The very end where the bumper attached was spread a little. Just had to lift the truck w/ the hi-lift jack under the very front end of the DS frame to get it back into place to mount the ARB. I didn't find the bent leaf until I drove it home from the body shop. Once the new springs were on, it drives straight w/ no pull what so ever.

Crusin'60 - The damage was from a collision w/ a guy who did not look before crossing the highway in front of me. A sedan and a pickup both pulled out to cross the highway. The sedan was first, and as I was maneuvering to avoid the sedan, the pickup closed my exit path. I turned a little more to not hit the cab and hit my DS frame rail about his rear wheel (and broke his wheel). He was knocked 180 and rolled to the guard rail on the other side. I stopped past point of impact still pointing the same path I was headed at impact. No one was hurt, but his truck wouldn't move. I could have drove home but chose to let them pick it up and carry it.

D'Animal - To say I was "Pissed" would be putting it lightly. Yes I was very pissed to be w/o my 'Cruiser. I missed the Texas Roundup due to it being in the shop.

The insurance was settled in a week. It took about 2 months to get all the parts together and the rest of the waiting on the body shop to get it done right. I tried not to hound them, but still stopped by occasionally to check progress and correct some of the work. I had a loaner 'Cruiser for the month of Feb which was the time when I traveled the most. I had two out of town training courses and a Boy Scout survival camp out that is an annual favorite. A Local club member had an '88 that he only drove on weekends and I did some tune-up and maintenances to cover the time that I had the truck. I fixed it so well that he decided that he would take it to Round Up. He previously thought that the tranny would not make it there and back.

What really pissed me off was waiting the last two weeks while the re-painted the front half of the 'Cruiser because they did not read their notes from when I told them it had been previously re-painted a non-factor color. It's a small shop and they didn't have enough room to pull the cars out of the paint booth w/o rolling them outside. It was raining almost every other day for about three weeks. They would have to paint a car and then let it dry in the paint booth before they could pull it out to put the next one in.

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