it's back!!...but, air it needed?

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Nov 10, 2009
Months ago I was new to the forum as a poster. I was trying to decide on how to do the rebuild of my 60 after I threw a rod with a nice 4 inch hole in the block....

Budget def prohibited some fun, but it's back and it's very nice...complete rebuild of a 2F....unfortunately, there are two concerns now...

1) it sat facing south in the lot for 6 months and my uncracked great condition dash now has 4 front-to-rear cracks...How are the molded covers from CCOT or others?

2) I noticed there was no air injection rail anymore. What's the real purpose of this and what are pros/cons of it's removal? wouldn't this change the setup of the carb?

the 2F uses the air injection rail as part of the smog system. Combined with an air pump, air is injected into the exhaust gases to complete the buring of hydrocarbon and to allow the catalytic converter to do it's job. Not having an air rail should not effect how the carburetor works because the air is injected into the exhaust, not into the intake manifold. If your truck is supposed to be smog legal, you are going to need it, though.
Gotcha...makes sense...dont' need it for smog purposes in my county...will it affect gas mileage? cat converter? and if there isn't one, does it need plugs?
what's your country?
Those air rail holes will need plugs if you don't put the air rail back on.
You can buy the "correct" plugs from the dealer, or a workable plug from the hardware store.
sorry, didn't mean country, I meant county. In georgia, only certain counties need emissions checks. Mine is 2 years from grandfathered in too for those counties that do require...Thanks, looks like I need to find some plugs..

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