Its Alive !!!!

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Nov 6, 2007
monroe ga
Yes after two years of work, I am driving my Cruiser. I still have a little bit of work to do. But here are two quick pics, what do yall think?


Aren't you glad you didn't sell it?

Also, how are you running the early blinkers without the bib lights? Did you swap out the sockets?
Thanks, I am glad I did not sell it. But it is for sale now ! ! I did change out the sockets. I am very happy the way it has turned out.
Yes it was done right. I do not know whats its worth. But every thing I have is for sale.
I pit the diamond plate on there because I like it. I have a custom 5" Alcan spring lift kit, with 35" BFG Mud T/A'S
You can't sell that man... simply gorgeous. You will kick yourself later.

That olive and black looks sweet... :hmm:
thanks, i did not say i was trying to sale it, but every thing has a price.

sorry that i can not spell- " put "
Looks just like my first cruiser... just a little cleaner! Great work.

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