it's alive (thanks)

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Aug 16, 2005
Fresno, CA
Had to post since some of my annoying electrical questions, the land cruiser is fully wired and seems to be working as of tonight. Have my taurus fan, gm column everything hooked up. We will see how everything does as it's driving (right now i don't have a steering shaft). This has been a long process and i thank all those who have answered my questions. I also thank those in charge for leaving a search function with a long archive so i don't need to bother people by posting.

Pics will come as soon as my check gets to the midwest and i get a steering shaft made, right now it's raining :frown: and I need to get to pick n pull for that one.

Thanks to all who have posted questions and have responded to others, i rarely had to post because of thourough responses by others and that is appreciated. It's been a long time since the fire in my rig but on the 23rd of this month the DMV shall tell me it's ok to drive on the street again.:grinpimp:

Thanks again
Good for you man, glad to hear you're getting it going again. This forum is definitely priceless in knowledge and has helped alot of people get going again.

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