Isuzu NPR 4x4 conversion. Need questions answered.

Apr 13, 2012
Greensburg PA.
So i just bought this Isuzu npr. 1988. It has the 4bd1t with an automatic transmission, but i have everything i need already to convert it over to manual transmission except the shifter and linkage.
So thats what im probably going to do is convert it over to manual with the factory msa-5d.

This truck can be a little bit of a project truck right now and i really want to convert it over to 4x4.

Need some help with what would be the correct parts to source.
Ive seen the thread on expedition portal about rc trucks and their conversion and a few people posted about how they think its a dana 60 axle and a nv 271 transfer case.

I just need some guidance from a few knowledgeable people out there on what dana 60 i should be looking for and from what model truck and year????

I guess there were several versions of the dana 60 and i just dont know what i should be looking for from the junkyard.

This swap needs to be price sensitive, so nothing crazy, but i plan on possibly turning this into a mobile welding rig or just a nice flatbed for my fabrication shop. No crazy wheeling, just a nice 4x4 for general use. I may have the truck loaded down here and there with some heavy weight.

Do i need to swap the rear axle out as well? Do both axles have to have the same gear ratio?

I can figure out the rest as i go along, i just need the correct parts first and that may take a bit of time. Also thinking a divorced transfer case. Its got a 150" wheelbase.

Thanks guys
Aug 22, 2010
Jersey, 07740
I wouldn't worry about swapping the rear out unless you know that the rear is no good. yes you will need to have the same gear ratios in both the front and rear diff or you will grenade the t-case.
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